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A long Day

This would probably be a level 4 trip.

This would probably be a level 4 trip. I ate an 8th of some bomb ass mushrooms yesterday. Althought I've eating much more then just an 8th last night was one of the most intense trips I've ever experienced. After consuming the shrooms and drank probably 3/4 of a gallon of orannge juice. I've been told this helps your trip and it always seem to make mine much more crazy. After about an hour they were kicking in pretty good just like they normally do. Well i'm sittin there watching musicvideos and all of a sudden the music was making my body feel like something was pulsating through my body in a bad way...I started to think it would go away but it was getting worse. So knowing that mushrooms don't ware off any time soom I started to walk aroung my friends house tryin to get my mind on somthing else, as I walked outside and was looking around my whole world changed. The sky was purple and clouds were moving constantly and were morphing in and out of each other and my sense of sound was all screwed up. I didn't have the normal good body buzz, I had a very bad feeling bodybuzz and I was starting to get worried but at the same time I was trippin really hard so it really didn't matter. Everything looked so much crazier then any other time I have tripped. I tried using the bathroom and i couldn't stand to look at my self because my face and neck were really red and my body was twitching the whole time. My eyes looked like they were swolen or about to pop out. Now this feature I seen in my self were probably just hallucinations but they seemed and looked very real! So at this point I left the house without telling anyone and I just starting walking to be in a different type of environment. The thing that was trippin me out was just me bymyself in my own head. Once my friends found me hiding in the grass around the corner I explaned to them how I felt and how this was not like any kind of trip I had ever had before, and they were able to calm me down from there I continued to trip but it was allot more pleasant. Mushshrooms are still the craziest things out there and I'll continue to eat many more...!

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