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A half quarter of mystery and enwonderment

Okay, So, one day I was sitting in my room, feinding to smoke some pot.


So, one day I was sitting in my room, feinding to smoke some pot. After some time my friend M phones me. He's like "Dude, come over! We're going to a house party and we got some shrooms!"

Now, I had tripped a bunch of times before on shrooms, acid and e, but this was one of the craziest nights of my life. I got to M's house (just up the street) and saw M, M's brother S, B, and D. S pulled out this huge bag, I dont even have any idea how much was in it, but he hands me 3.5 grams.

So I take it and chew the mushies up, using some grape soda to wash down the vile taste (I usually dont complain but these ones were GROSS). After that, we sat in M's room and watched TV for about 45 min. until we started to feel it. I was extremely confused and anxious and it was starting to feel like a bad trip. About five minutes later we watched the end of The Simpsons and I started laughing like crazy. Knowing we were now tripping pretty good we made our way outside.

I was the first to stumble out of the house (S wasn't going to the party) I looked outside. Glittering on the lawn was M's sister's bike helmet, which was bright pink and reflective. "DUDE!" I shouted to M "THERE'S A FUCKIN BRAIN ON YOUR LAWN!!!!!!" We all rushed over and burst out laughing while we stared at the brain. Finally B kicked it and said "It was just a helmet!" With that, we laughed for some time and started the walk. It was about a 40 min walk usually. Because we were all fucked up it was about a two hour walk. By the time we got there it was probably about 10:30, and I was peaking. I saw beautiful hues of bright pink with an almost shiny effect, and some shades of yellow. The wiggers at the party were beginning to make me feel uneasy, so I told M, B, and D that i was leaving. I know you arent supposed to trip alone, but I didn't care. When I was down the street, D ran up behind me " Hey man, wait up! I'm coming too!" So we continued our trek to who gives a fuck where and started seeing crazy fractal designs everywhere I looked. My body had this intense feeling, not really the "wha wha's" but sort of like an electrical buzz sort of feeling. I looked at D, who was just laughing like a maniac, and I joined in the fun.

After about 15 minutes or so of just standing there and cackling, we decided to go to this girl C's house. We were invited in and went to the basement to smoke some pot. C, who is very sexy, handed me the trippy ass bong, and I couldn't look at it without laughing. It had mostly a dark blue see thru color with silver speckles all over it and some colorful wavy lines. After all that, I finally took two massive hits from the bong, and fell back. "Holy shit" she said looking at me "You look so fucked! you can barely even keep your eyes open" I sluggishly looked over at D and he must have felt the same way. suddenly, a huge wave of absolute fatigue swiped over us. I have never done any opiates before, but this was close. I couldn't sit up or even put together a sentence correctly.

We lay there for god knows how long, listening to trippy tunes on C's stereo. We listened to Stairway To Heaven and with my eyes closed I could faintly see a horizon , with tall mystical buildings. Over them was a colorful sky with many different colors and shapes moving around in it. I began to see a man, with is arms streched out, like was going to hug or kill me, and I couldnt tell if he was close or far away. It was like he was father of all time, like this one being could destroy everything that ever existed with a single thought, or that he could create a whole new world where all the things that I was seeing existed. He was god.

So, a while later I started to come down and walked home. My mind was still spinning and I felt like I was floating. This was one crazy ass night.

Quotes: "im floating balls!" "there's a brain on your lawn!" "put the god damn soap in the kitchen!"

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