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A great time with me and my buddy

Just the other night was my first time tripping on mushrooms or any psychedelic drug for that matter.

Just the other night was my first time tripping on mushrooms or any psychedelic drug for that matter. What I experienced was quite titlilating. When I first ate the mushrooms the only thing I could really notice was that it was very hard to stay interested in something such as the TV show I was watching and I found myself frequently spacing off. After a while I subconsciously just started to write on a pad of paper different things I was feeling. I had so many thoughts going through my head that I seldomn finished a statement without starting a new one right in the middle. It was a very cold night outside considering it was winter in Iowa but me and my friend thought it would be fun to go on a "journey" through the woods. I was very familiar with these woods considering me and my friends often used them as a "pot-smoking hangout" but it felt as if I had never been in them before because they were so different. It was like the ground was totally level. After a while of walking and talking with my friend we decided we had better go inside because the dead silence and feeling like everyone could hear us talking started to be kind of spooky. By this time it was into the early morining hours and we decided we would just lay on the couches and observe the effects of the psilocybin. So as we laid there watching Jay Leno I couldn't help but judge people as to whether they seemed genuine or not. It was quite entertaining watching the images on the TV breathe and wave. It seemed as if everything that could be thought about was and as if it all made sense..but after a while I came to another conclusion that there is no such thing as sense and nothing makes it. On this trip so many incredible things happened but there is no way to explain why they were so incredible. Before I knew it it was 5:30 in the morning but it seemed like I had just lived a whole new life and couldn't picture myself not under the inluence of magic mushrooms. I think there is no way you can actually describe what it's like eating mushrooms and it is definitely something that people should give a chance.

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