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A giddy experince with intense vibrations (1st time)

I live in Cape Town and firstly must complement this sight if only all drugs had such a large variety of info.

I live in Cape Town and firstly must complement this sight if only all drugs had such a large variety of info.

Like many other fiends i have been wanting to do oomas for a long time and decieded to do it with a another first timer and good friend. What made our trip so intense was the waiting and the huge amount of nerves and excitment that had built up over many months.

We camped in a beautiful place in the mountains in front of fantastic little river. And we decieded to take the drug on day 2 a 16:30, so we woke up on this day had a huge breakfast and did not eat anthying untill 16:30. The finalty of this time made us insane with abprehension we went for a walk and the nerves made our body weak.

My mission on this drug was perhaps one i could advise but not one this site will condone. I was not really intrested in concious expansion but a new visual experince and decided to implemnt an attitude of whatever happens or i think, ill just laugh an move on. (FEAR n LOATHING)

My heart was well preperd i had even spoken to my girlfriend and faimly before hand on the day (unexpected calls need to be avoided), and although they did not know what i was about to do. This drug never installed guilt in my heart which will defentily kill you if feel this emotion while tripping.

We took the oomas at 16:30 by a little river completly unstoned and sobber the nerves had short circuited by now and after eating i thought a walk would be good before the first wave.

30 minutes later and rubbery jaw... ZANG the first wave hit and emotions of relief and whats next got all jumbled and laughter of the most strangest kind hit, one i was hopeing for, my friend kept on trying to compose himself but when he got half way through a sentence his words would just evaporate from his tounge.

At this hour about 17:15 till 19:00 we witnessed the most beautiful sunset in the cederburg mountains has the sky changed colors subtly but intensly almost like an internal sunset in heaven. In between this giddy time i felt some heavy vibrations around me perhaps personified by the weed which we sercame to about an hour into the trip, weed defiently adds an intense and romantic shade to things..i.e shrooms is like a big bush pink daisys glowing and weed is more like a bleeding red rose.

My fellow dope fiend embrassed the drugs voice were i resitted perhaps i was scared of it or happy who i am and that was a lesson in it self but i could see my buddy taking some strain and we spoke of dark pools as our deep flaws and i defentily decied that you cant see into them and if dive into those pools u will get lost... badly... its a fine line.

I brought him back to the party vibe as this seemed right and important we went for drive in the blue whale (huge 4X4) with all the trimings did a little star watching, drank some Jack Daniels smoked some ciggerets .

The irony was it was a new high for me but i did not find my visual experince perhaps to prepaired defenitly to small a dosage my buddy did have some visuals but just basic colored shapes with closed eyes.

I learnt my worries and expections were exgarrated but was pleased with the overall experince i believe this drug is meant for beauty the city seems unwise but could be very fun if the cards fall right. A good fuck with my girl, while peaking on some grade pot is still the best experonce i have had as an orgasm stmulates the same part of your brain as heroin and this feeling is just squared when stoned on good THC (i do not do H). looking foward to doubling the dosage of oomas at the right time not to far away i hope.

Keep the vibe alive

DRE 2005

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