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The Pinball Machine

Well, it all started out as a happy little party of about 10 people at my friends house.

Well, it all started out as a happy little party of about 10 people at my friends house. We were all taking shots of vodka mixed with some sorta fruit drink. after awhile we all went out and smoked a few bowls, at this point, I was starting to get high, but wasn't fully stoned yet.

A friend of mine pulled out a bag of shrooms, and asked if we wanted to try some, I was pretty much stoned by then, so I decided what the hell, and took about 2 grams.

My first thought after eating them was, that they tasted like shit. so I ran in and drank some more vodka. went downstairs and basicly laughed for about 20 min until I looked at the wall, and realized there was a gigantic sword fish on the wall, and it was swiming at me. (after I woke the next day, I found out there really was a 4 foot modle of a sword fish on the wall)

I suddenly felt very strange, since it was my first trip, I really wasn't to prepared for something like that, so I got up and left the room, (I think one of my friends called after me, but am not sure) upon reaching the 2nd from the top part of the stairs, the entire world started to flash red and yellow, like the lights on a pinball game. I looked down and saw about 5 arrows in the floor, all flashing.

I put my foot down on one, and I suddenly heard this noise like I had just been the big winner on a game show, and I noticed that the lights had gone into a strobe effect. I felt like I was the luckiest man alive.

After thinking that, I realized I was a little thirsty, (proably from the weed) so I decided to go into the kitchen. The arrows however, still in the floor and still flashing, were going around into a hall way leading away. As I start to leave the arrows, my legs gave out, and I fell to the floor. My body started to go into spasams, and I couldn't controll the bottom half of my body.

I suddenly knew, that I had to get back to the arrows. crawling on my hands, I pulled my self back to the arrows, and suddenly all the lights went off (but I could still see the arrows, as if they were sort of a black light darker then the rest) I was afraid that I have passed out or something, but, not haveing anything better to do I decided to follow the black arrows.

I crawled around (my legs still not working properly, but they were getting better.) on my hands, and worked my way to a closed door about 5 yards away. suddenly the lights all flashed back on and did the red and yellow strobe light again. heard all the noises i had before, but when I looked up the arrows were pointing back the way I had come.

well, I decided to follow the arrows, ariving at the stairs again. upon seeing the stairs, I realized I was still thristy, and that I wanted some water. I once again tried to leave the arrows, and again fell on the floor and started to laugh.

after this, I can't really remember what happend, but my friends who were watching all of this said I fell on the floor, started to laugh and go into spasams, and then crawled to the left. (back on the arrows) I did this about 5 times laughing hystericly while I did, and then passed out.

I woke the next day hiding behind a table, and still, to this day, don't know what I was doing there.

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