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"The Jungle"

before i begin the story i'll give you a quick history on me and my friends.

before i begin the story i'll give you a quick history on me and my friends.Evan had only munched 2 times before and joey had munched about 3 or 4 times..me on the other hand lost track of the # of times i had munched.It was a regular friday night in the summer and we were thinking about getting some booze but i convinced them to munch 2 g's of dried mush with me.Evan and Joey looked like they were gonna throw up while eating the mush because they werent fully used to it yet.After we downed the mush we decided to go watch fight club in the family room of my home.It was about 7:00 pm and the movie had just started and i felt the mushroom yawns coming on so i started to enjoy myself knowing that we'd have a good time.
I looked over at Evan and he smiled and yawned at the same time and was enjoying himself but on the other hand..Joey who was sitting beside me on the couch was sweating like a motherfucker and was fidgiting around trying to get comfortable and i asked him.."Joey, why are you sweating so much?" as soon as i said that Evan also noticed that he was sweating a shitload.After about 15 minutes of watching fight club i noticed that Joey could not control his sweating and looked very troubled and my parents and my sister were in the next room.Fight club became way too intense and Joey's sweat pile was increasing so we decided to go to my room.
We were just chilling out sitting around my room listening to some techno that was making the trip pretty sweet.Then, Evan noticed a little rivel in the carpet and showed it to me and i couldnt beleive it!.The carpet had managed to turn into a puddle and kept on riveling and Evan was getting a little uncomfortable with the carpet and what it was doing so he said to me"i cant stay in this room anymore..im going fucking crazy"..I went to the hallway to see if there was anyone there and my parents door was closed so i told Joey and Evan to come downstairs with me to get our shoes so we could go outside but there was a little problem standing in our way..the door was locked and if you opened it you here a loud beeping noise that my parents would hear..and my sister(who has been known to tell my parents everything me and my friends do to get us in trouble to get off)was sitting at the computer waiting to let us sneak out so she could go tell my parents.So we decide to bring our shoes upstairs to my room and had some difficulty along the way because everything around us became fucked up and i was loosing concentration on what we were supposed to be doing.
We finally get into my room and Evan started to get uncomfortable again so i opened up my window and took off the screen and looked outside..this is were the mush hit us hard..It was a jungle.We could hear monkeys in the trees and couldnt beleive what was happening..It was very foggy and misty outside and you could see vines all over the place and huge trees with samll animals in them..some how we got outside my window and slowly walked to the street with eyes wondering around the jungle.Slowly the jungle dissapeared and just turned into the street which totally amazed us ..well except Evan.He seemed to be really mad and said he wasnt liking it at all.We came to a hill and started to walk down and a car was coming up the street and slwoed down in front of us and a girl came out and started talking to me and Evan and we had know idea who she was or what we were talking about but we regonized her as one of our freinds..the converstion didnt last too long beacause there car was blocking upcoming traffic so they went off and we continued our tour around my small town.
Evan was still angry for some reason and i looked over Joey and he was like"oh man im soo hot im sweating so much" and me and Evan looked at him and laughed.Every time i looked at him he would grab his shirt around his neck because he was so uncomfortable not being able to control his sweating.Evan was punching the stop signs whenever we crossed one and it slowly managed to put everyone in a bad mood..except for me(I pretended to be hating it but actually found everything halarious..especially Joey and his drenched t-shirt).We came up to a bridge and a car pulled up to us as soon as we decided to tour back to my house.We didnt know who they were and they were yelling at us to come back so they can talk to us..Joey said"nO MAN..DONT DO IT..THEYRE GONNA JACK YOU GUYS" we just laughed at him and went towards the car so Joey followed us.There was four people in the car with some bats and looked pretty pissed off so Joey was scared of them..turns out they just wanted to knwo were some guy lived and Evan knew so he told them"two blocks down the road,third house on the left" or something like that.The driver then said come with us to show us were he lives and Joey had a very scared look on his face whispering to Evan"dont do it".they convinced Eavn to go and left one of there guys with us just to make us beleive they werent gonna jack Evan.
The guy started to talk about some deadly shrooms that have been going around lately and i managed to hold a conversation with him for a couple minutes about it while Joey seemed to be scared of the guy and thought he was going to kick our asses so he kept his distance from the guy and continued to sweat alot.10 minutes later..Evan came back and the car left and he told us that they were going to go kick the guys ass and Joey semed to calm down .We finally made it back pass the jungle(very difficult..especially when Joey wouldnt move beacue he thought a monkey was after him..lol what a dumbass)i pushed him towards my window and out of the remote jungle which only seemed to be on my property and told him to go inside my room.After we got in we started to relax and were coming down from the trip and i noticed it was already 2:00 a.m but it didnt seem to bother me as i was still having a good time and couldnt sleep anyways.
Joey and evan decided they wanted to go lie on my bed together for some very strange reason and started to giggle under the bed sheets..I thought to myself i should really tell them to get off the bed before they do something they'd regret so i said"guys..what the fuck are you doing?.."they just looked at me for a moment and turned back into the bed sheets giggling like little school girls so i just said the hell with it and layed down on my floor listening to incubus relflecting on the trip then at about 4:00 we finally fell asleep..
The next morning I woke up before Joey and Evan and woke them up to tell them they slept with eachother and that i was going to tell Evans girlfriend and they slowly put the pieces together and remembered what happened and asked me not to tell anyone..so i said" sure..no problem" and thought noting of it........____THE END_____

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