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A dissapointment.

After reading all about the effects of shrooms on websites like this one, I felt I was ready to try them.

After reading all about the effects of shrooms on websites like this one, I felt I was ready to try them. I was ready to experience somthing more intense than weed, more insightful and more trippy. This in mind, I purchased 3 grams dryed from a dealer.

I took them at 7:30pm at a quiet school. The taste was fine! More than fine! Tasted like popcorn, I thought. After ingesting them, me and my friends (2 of which were also on shrooms for the first time) sat down and waited for the effects to occur.

At around 8:00 or 8:15, I felt mild effects. A strange body feel, a sort of heavyness... overall an odd body feel. These effects increased gradually, but at about 8:45, I stopped going up. I kept expecting to have more intense effects take place, but my state stayed pretty much level.

Things moved slightly when I looked at them, but I had to concentrate on them really hard. Colors seemed the same; I never really had any visual aspects. My thought patterns stayed the same as well. I was expecting to have interesting, erratic thoughts, but this did not happen.

I mean, they call shrooms a psychadelic, but I felt less high, less creative and less inspired than I have been before off high doses of marijuana.

Later on that night, at about 10:30, I smoked two bowls of marijuana. After doing so, I became very stoned, but it was more the weed than anything else.

I wonder if it was just bad shrooms, too low of a dosage, or maybe my expectations were just too high. Why shouldn't they have been though? On www.erowid.com, the medium dosage effects of shrooms (.75-2.5 grams) included "lights gain auras, star-pattern effects, rainbowing around lighting, lights seem brighter, often 'more beautiful" "closed eye 'visuals': normal closed eye 'blobs' take on patterns, shapes, distinct forms, increased ability to visualize creatively, spontaneous detailed images". I experienced none of the above.

Next time, I guess I'll try 6 grams or so, but I really dont think I should need to take that much.

My first shroomage was in one word, dissapointing. It made me think, "is this as far as my mind can stretch?"

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