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A celebration of life

I will make this as brief as possible while including what I believe is important.

I will make this as brief as possible while including what I believe is important.

Male, 145 lbs.
3.1 grams of what I am assuming are cubes. These were diced and soaked in lemon juice, then the juice was seperated from the mush after ten minutes and stored in a seperate bottle for 4 hours.
2.2 grams of the best schwag I have ever seen in my life. Vivid green with a hint of crystals and red hair.

10:45 pm - drank the lemon concoction, very bitter. mixed the mush with water and drank that aswell.

11:15 pm - i had already started noticing the effects. I felt heavy and disliked the idea of moving. noticed a beautiful white pattern in my green/khaki coloured carpet resembling bone carvings of doves and dolphins. smoked two hits of the schwag, put on some music and crawled into bed.

Experienced roughly two hours of bliss, completely seperated from reality. I felt as if I had broken through some barrier and I could see this massive vast plane infront of me. at one point I saw stars and believed I was laying on the ground outside. These are vague recollections, as most of my memory from this time period is a blur.

1:00 my thoughts started coming down to earth and I was extremely confused as to where I was and what had happened. details of the situation around me were also vague; had my parents gone to sleep, did my sister have a friend over. in lieu of the past few months of stress related to my impending choices in life, i recalled some moments from the 2 hour void and found myself amazed at how well everything in my life actually fits together. i mumbled 'its a celebration of life' a few times to no one in particular.

1:30 I managed to get out of bed, with the extreme urge to go relieve myself of some fluids. the walk to and from the bathroom across the hall seemed to talk half an hour, and when I got back i needed to urinate again. mad at the fact that I'd have to walk another half an hour to do so, I just pissed in one of the bottles. what can i say.

2:00 I found myself desiring more schwag. I had hidden the pipe and schwag, aswell as the lighter before the trip hit hard. After a few minutes I found the pipe and schwag. Anyone ever have the experience of hiding a lighter and not being able to find it afterwards? its a bitch. I spent an hour looking for the lighter, finding the situation hilarious and saying 'where the hell is the lighter' every few minutes.

3:00 Found the lighter. Hit a bowl, noticed the visuals started coming back. crawled back into bed and looked out the window across the lake. nature is awesome, and i felt this amazing connection. at times my vision made it seem as if i was surrounded by outside. Fell asleep.

Woke up at 11:30 AM with a slight headache and a very lazy feeling. one or two little visuals when I woke up but they wore off fast.

All in all, an amazing experience.

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