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6 of me

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it started last night around 10 o clock it was my first time i had my friend come over and we went out to buy pot but ended up gettin shrooms and stole some pot then another friend stoped buy with 12 beers and my parents went to wisconson for the weekend so i thought i was fine me and my friend jason just said fuck it and we took them shrooms then we found out a couple of kids we dont like are gonna come over so we hid all the weed and beer and the shrooms were already eaten but we just opened a beer so we just slamed it man was that ever a bad idea, my friends we all here just chillin and i just started snapping on then for no reason so after a while they left, and me and jason agreed that these shrooms suck we werent feelin then yet so we smoked two bong bowls, again not a good idea the shrooms started kickin in and and i felt so like heavy and blended in to everything buy around midnight i was so fucked up i found out jason had work so he had to leave but i dont think we was trippin out as bad as me he sat there bein in total control i was curlin up in a ball in the cornor of my room sayin i think this is how u feel when you go crazy i had like 6 totally different personalities i was talkin to myself askin me questions and answering myself 1 minute i was quiet next minute i was loud and obnoxsious then i got really hot then really sweaty i was laughin for a while but then i just got insane i kept stumbling around and i could hear voices coming from all over the place i was like at the peak of my high then jason finally decied he had to go home he had work at 830 next morning so he left thats when shit got fucked up from like 1230 to 3am i was all by my self in my house i was upstairs watchin tv then i was down stairs sayin stop im not goin with you then i somehow i got out side on a bike like two houses down in the middle of the road ridin in circles then i was in my garage and everything in there started to melt together so i ran inside and try to get my mind in control but it was so free it was takin full control then i was in my kitchen i was talkin to myself staring at my hands my body was so numb i felt so tinggly my face and hands felt like they were dripping off i went to the bathroom to wash my face and hands i ended up sitting in there for like half hour staring at myself in the mirror my face looked so expanded i said i was so fucked up so i turned on the tv holy shit that was way to much to many things we happining at once mi made me so confused so i turned on some tech n9ne (fuck man when you guys get a chance if you are really fucked up you got to listen to tech n9ne #12 on absolute power that shit will fuck you up if your concintrated to it) i was goin crazy i couldnt take it man then i just sat down and watched music videos from like 230 to 3 i could hear everything that was goin on the tv but as time progressed the tv sound kept gettin lower it was scarin me so i just decied to ignor it but then it was totally quiet and i herd some one say turn it up man i got scared as shit i was home alone and its almost 3am so try to turn up my tv i coundnt find the remote so i go up to the tv to turn it up only to find out the sound system isnt even on that was to much for me so i drank a shit load of water and layed in bed and i was like sleepin a little bit but i could hear me talkin so i got up and just thought i was dreamin but the whole time since the beginning of this i couldnt seperate my high from reality i couldnt tell what real or fake shit man,i dont think ill be doin this no more

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