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4th time doing shrooms, first time halucinating

First off, I'm 17, male and 135 pounds, and I'd done shrooms 3 times before this but before last night I'd never hallucinated before, even tho I've done 2Gs every time and this time i only did 2Gs too, but i smoked alot of weed this time, so that is prolly what did it.

First off, I'm 17, male and 135 pounds, and I'd done shrooms 3 times before this but before last night I'd never hallucinated before, even tho I've done 2Gs every time and this time i only did 2Gs too, but i smoked alot of weed this time, so that is prolly what did it.

So it's Saturday and me and a bunch of friends buy a little over half ounce of shrooms off our dealer for $50. We divided the shrooms up so all 7 of us got 2Gs each.

After that we all took an anti-stress caplet that has alot of vitamin B and C in it to make it less likely that we have bad trips, then we chopped up our shrooms tossed it in some pudding and ate it quick just putting each spoonful to the back of our mouths and swallowing then chasing with juice. Once the shrooms where down we each took an antacid (Tums) to calm our stomachs... All this stuff worked great, i really recommend taking all those steps to get the best trip you can.

Next we all went outside and blazed a few bowls, then went downstairs in my house to chill while we waited for the shrooms to kick in.

Time went by really slow for the next hour but i was happy about that because i was having an amazing high, the best of my life, and the longer into the first hour it got the better my high got. The first thing i noticed was that light bulbs that are usually fairly dim got very very bright, so bright that i couldn't look in the direction of the lights or my eyes would burn. The next thing i noticed was that colours got really intense and almost seemed to glow.

So we all chilled downstairs trippin out but no one started hallucinating for a while. After about an hour we went outside again and blazed a few more bowls. Then About an hour and a half into the trip everything started to look really weird and i basically lost all ability to think. Forming sentences became nearly impossible, and it was then that i realized i was alot higher than everyone else cause they all had to help me finish my sentences, my vocabulary literally went down to like 4 words.

I started playing guitar and i found that i had absolutely no control over my fingers and it was almost like i was listening to a CD because i had no idea what my fingers were going to do next. After a half hour of tripping everyone out with my guitar... including myself... we decided to just blaze in the house cause it was too damn cold outside so we blazed maybe 5 more bowls out of a bong.

While i was holding in hits i got some decent hallucinations, like for one hit i saw everyone turn invisible and all i could see were their clothes floating in the air in the shape of their bodies, but soon as i blew out the hit (through a toilet paper roll with a bounty sheet covering the end to get rid of the smell of pot... trust me it works, if you need to blaze in your house but can't let it smell, try it) the hallucinations went away

After we finished i layed on my back on the ground and looked at the ceiling for a while... and that's when i first started hallucinating without holding in hits. I started looking at a ceiling vent and as i looked at it, it started to move alot, like bend in half at 90 degree angles. As i kept watching it, it started to dance to the music that was playing (Pink Floyd: Echoes(the song not the album)).

Eventually i decided that i needed to get away from everyone because they were being to loud and i knew it was keeping me from tripping out as good as i could have, so i went upstairs to the bathroom, and had the trippiest experience of my life... i looked in the mirror and at first didn't even see my own reflection because the walls behind me in the mirror were melting and warping intensely.

I eventually stopped looking at the mirror cause i had to go to the bathroom so i sat on the toilet and had the most relieving pee of my life, then when i finished i looked at a painting on the wall as the walls melted over it, then the painting was gone, and didn't come back till i walked over to it and touched it with my hand.

So basically at this point I'm having the most fun of my life because the shrooms where finally doing for me what i wanted them too. I decided i should go up to my bed and lay down and finish my trip there, but right before i left i looked at the mirror again and instead of my reflection there i saw a vampire staring back at me, but i just told myself that it was just the shrooms, but honestly, i was pretty scared.

As i looked at my reflection, it suddenly started moving and looking around by itself, even tho i wasn't moving, and that freaked the hell outta me, then the vampire's fangs started getting alot bigger and more exaggerated, and it's eyes started changing colours, so i left and went to my bed because i knew if i kept looking at it, it would get even scarier looking cause my hallucinations were getting worse.

I know i tripped out alot more once i got to my bed, but i can't remember anything of what happened after i left the bathroom.

So ya, shrooms are definitely my favorite drug now, i can't wait to do them again with a friend in 5 days from now (they only work once every 5 days). I'm gonna try a higher dose next time, prolly 4Gs, if i get another amazing trip I'll be sure to post it, until then... Peace.

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