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3rd Mushroom Trip...

I didn't bother submitting my 2nd mush trip, because it was boring.

I didn't bother submitting my 2nd mush trip, because it was boring...so i'll jump to my 3rd.
My 3rd mushroom trip was in the late school year, last year...around April or May of 2003. I had previously bought 4.6 grams off a buddy of mine, and decided to take some to school, see if anyone wanted to buy. Around 2nd period, nobody wanted to buy, so I split the mushrooms evenly between me and my friend. (Let's call him D). Now, to get this next part, you must know Ms.Kennedy...she must be the most dumbest teacher i have ever been in a classroom with.
Me and D had around 2.3 grams each. He popped his first, and i popped mine about 5 minutes later. I took them pretty much RIGHT infront of ms. Kennedy, i practically threw up, cause i took 'em all at once (and you know how bad mushrooms taste). The 2nd period ended, and i still wasn't feeling it, i thought it would be just like the 2nd trip...nothing....but i was dead wrong.
We had a 5 minute break between 2nd period and 3rd period, so i was walking around the school until it was time to go to class ( i tried to avoid as many people as possible). I went to class feeling fine, no buzz or anything. But about 10 minutes into the class, the mushrooms kicked in like a lightning storm. BOOM!, just right away, without a "coming up". It's like i almost went to the peak of my high, without a plateau or anything. No warning.
The class I was in at this time, was Computers and Appt. i was doing some sort of project...i can't remember. All of a sudden the screen started moving all swurvey, and it start to shake, and it just looked plain weird. I didn't really get any work done in that class...I was too amused with the carpet texture..it was almost like it was meant to trip you out. i stared, for about 5 - 10 minutes at this weird carpet. After the class was out, i went home for lunch with some friends...lucnh was fine. we just watched some trippy videos.

The worst part of my high might have been going back to school in the afternoon...it was sooooo heat...people coming up to me and saying "wow, your eyes are CRAZY" (people said you couldn't even see the white, cause my pupils were so big".

I figure i'd go to math, and try to mellow out. (I was in the "adapted" math program..there were only about 3 kids in that class...and since it was by the end of the year, we just watch a video). so, Math was fine...

Now, back to Kennedy's class. ahhhh! she pretty much popped me and D...we went to class really late (we went to seven eleven) and she told us to go to the principles office. at this time, D was already off his trip (i think he actually took less than me) but i was still high as a kite. My pupils were still huge, and i knew i was still ripped. we went slowly to the principles office, to see if maybe the high would were off...nope. we got there, and once again, the friggen carpet was so trippy. and it was turning colours at this point. Now, thank-god the principle was in with someone else at the time, and we had to wait till even after school ended. i was still trippin' out, however. i didn't even look at the principle, but then the trippy videos that i watched at lunch got to me, and all of a sudden i almost burst out laughing...wow, i was so paranoid.

Well, after that, i went home, and everything was fine.

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