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3D Glasses

It was the first time I had ever shroomed.

It was the first time I had ever shroomed. I was at a barter fair with a friend and things seemed pretty dull. The first night we smoked some bowls and walked around. There was a live band so we hung out there a little while. At about 8PM we headed back to camp and I guess I was pretty ripped because I decided to dry some buds over the campfire. This was done by holding them in my hand and up to the flame. A friend of mine noticed this and offered an exchange for some shrooms. I accepted and he gave me a couple of fat stems. I ate them nearly vomiting at the taste and about 5 minutes later decided they weren't working(I knew nothing about them)so I went back to him and told him it didn't work. Confused, he gave me a really big cap which I immediately consumed. We sat around the campfire for awhile then took a walk. Passing by one of the stands I noticed these really cool looking glasses and decided I had to have a pair. I bought them and went back to the campfire. The glasses had a sort of kalideascope effect that excitingly enough multiplied the flame. Thats when the shrooms kicked in. The glasses were in my pocket and all of a sudden the fire started dancing and talking to me. I was really confused and decided to put my glasses on. That didn't help. The multiplied flames intertwined and faces formed and seemed to talk to me. I knew I was out of it and was loving every minute. We sat around the campfire for hours smoking dope. We must have smoked at least an ounce between 5 or so of us. The whole time faces were clearer and all the little things - things you normally wouldnt notice - really stood out at me. People started going to bed so we decided to hit the hay. By then it was probably 3 in the morning. In the tent I realized that I couldnt figure out how to get into my sleeping bag! I tried for a half hour or so and decided I was getting nowhere. Suddenly I was overcome with the sensation of being surrounded by point little spines that I could clearly see. They conformed to the shape of my body and kept me from moving. I guess I was there for several hours because when I snapped out of it my hands were so numb I couldn't untie my shoes. I just couldn't bend my fingers. An hour or so later I got my shoes off and by waking up and seeking help from a friend, managed to get into my sleeping bag and fall asleep.

Happy Tripping!

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