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3 trip horrors

Alright so this is my third time tripping so me and my friend went in on a about 12 grams and both 6 grams each.

Alright so this is my third time tripping so me and my friend went in on a about 12 grams and both 6 grams each. We had been waiting to shroom for a long time. So, we get the boomer's and down the with some OJ at around 4:50 pm. I was a house that you could consider looking like it was from the 70's. In about 30min i started to feel the physical effects and looseness of body functions. They basic things that start to begin your trip. After about on hour I realized that when I would take in a break the walls would come in, and when I would exhale the walls would melt down the ground. I wasn't that surprised of this so I walked into the bathroom and turn out the lights and for some reason closed the door. I stared into this circular mirror realizing my environment to change as my state of mind is going into different place. This is after an hour after eating them. All of sudden I am rainbow environment and I get a sudden shock of gray and a demonic like creature flashes behind me with white eyes staring right at me. He stayed behind me and i had trouble finding the door out of there while screaming at the top of my lungs. The doors were completely invisible so I ended up in the corner of the shower curled up in a ball where my friend found me and got me out. I swore on my life never to go back in there. After coming out of complete shock from the demonic creature appearing in the dark I walk outside to look around, you know every one likes to do that i thought it would be harmless.This is about 230 into the trip and it is already dark out. The second i walk outside i hear this deep voice in my hear say "Let THEM RISE AND RISE THEY WILL" I realized my outside environment turned into a hell like atmosphere. I close my eyes then it back to what i thought was normal. The next thing i know Ghost like demonic creatures fly out of the ground screaming in at least 4 diff voices per ghost. This drew the line i went hauling ass inside to feel safety. After 30 min of sitting down convincing my self that all of this isn't real i would always catch the glops of that first horrific creature in the side of my eye. Noni this i kept the lights on for the remainder of my trip and that worked fine keeping the horrors away so I could have some basic enjoyments with my trip. This was probably one of the most intense trips i have had so fa.

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