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ThE OsIrIs TrIp

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On friday May 24th, me and about 7 other friends went to

this beach/island we found awhile ago to have a little

party, a few people had brought a little booze while me and

two other friends brought a couple of grams of shroomz.

After deciding to go ahead and eat them, my friends followed
me and we each took down a gram at around 9pm. We sat around
the fire and walked around for about an hour, getting pissed
that the shroomiez weren`t kicking in, so then then we each
took another gram and began to feel it going. (My friend
ended up giving me half a gram and spitting out 3/4 of
another one, all in all taking down 3/4 of a gram and puking
it out anyway, he still acted fucked up throughout the night
thow.) As me and my two friends began to feel the shroomz
they decided to go for a walk on the endless rocks of the
beach, me being the sensible precautious one realized they

we`re prolly gonna pass out and get hypothermia or something
and I followed them trying to make them go back to the fire,
I chased one of my friends to the shore when we we`re
hypnotized by the amazing waves gliding and crashing, then
after my other friend joined us they got up and began
running for no reason, so I got up and chased one of them
but let him go. I then found my other friend running in the
darkness and I found his sweater, he had somehow left his
t-shirt and hat somewhere so I retrieved them for him and
tried to make him put it back on the whole way back to the
fire, after awhile my other friend finally came back and the
whole gang went back around the fire, now feeling the stuff
flowing I sat around the fire, seeing blue flame near the
bottom of it which was apparently invisible to my
non-shrooming friends, then a few of us went to the water
and began to throw stones in it to watch the water ripple,
which looked fucking cool because is had a much more intense
rippling affect which went on forever, then I closed my eyes
hoping to see some visuals and I saw the circular ripples of
the water form in three triangular lines swirling around
with green, blue, and red just flowing, it was amazing. When
I went to explain this to my friends at the fire they looked
at me funny, prolly because they weren`t messed up on
anything and I was talking a hundred miles an hour. But I
didn`t care. Then I decided to go see at the shore of our
tiny island and was shocked to hell to see that the water
was ten times nearer the shore than before, I touched the
water to make sure it was really there then I realized Oh
Fuck! My friend inflatable boat had drifted off hell knows
where with the rising water! I called over my friends and
they we`re surprised as I was, expecially the drunk guy who
it belonged to, then a few of us followed the river and we
saw it on the other side of the wide river! Two of my
friends went on a mission to get it and they showed up about
half an hour later, so I just amused my self with a cool ass
pen I took from my friend and tripped out on that for
awhile, when they got back with the boat me and the guy it
belonged to just went to chill out in it and I tried
desperately to explain to him what the shroomz were like, he
was too fucking clueless so I just talked on aboiut nothing
while staring and the little orange, green and blue blocks
building up and swirling around me. Then I got up and went
back to the fire, at around 12 (which was strange because
all the time from 10 to 11 passed slow as hell and 11 to 12
was barely even there to my recollection) we all decided to
go to bed to our tents, as I was lying down for about ten
minutes I was trying to fall asleep but I couldn`t stop
seeing little forms like circles and squares forming
everywhere around me and turning into other things which
kept on going until I realized I`d never fall asleep, so I
got up and my other friend followed me back to the fire,
where my other shrooming friend was just sitting there, we
talked for hour about the eye in the piece of firewood
staring at us and how everything had a weird blurry effect.
We then talked about how the world we we`re in wasn`t really
where we`re from and how the only way back was to fall
asleep and wake up back in our world, where we would get
shroomz and return back to where we were then. Then after
awhile I was staring at my friend while talking about how
pussy the shroom puker who was now sleeping was, and I saw
his face slightly alter into the face of Reggie from the
Archie comics. My other friend`s face then began to change
as his eyes and eyebros became lager and the top of his head
began to widen. Then we killed the fire and went to bed
where after seeing a few more forms I finally fell asleep.
Deciding that two grams wasn`t enough and next time I`d need

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