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3 grams, tripped balls

on friday me and 3 other freinds shroomed.

on friday me and 3 other freinds shroomed. we ate 2.5, 2.5, 3, and 3.5 grams. I saw so much crazy shit i couldnt possibly tell you all of it. but at the peak of my trip there was a rainbow, and it was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. i couldnt look anywhere with out seeing faces. everything was covered with them, the floor the walls, my freinds. 3d faces too. when I looked at my reflection on my freinds moms car window I sprouted horns and looked devil like. one of my freinds started to bad trip, which made another freind get worried and start to bad trip, but they both came too and had a good time.

the shrooms we ate were really big, and had blue insides, the guy we got them from said he ate 2.5 and it was the hardest trip he has had. the visuals werent like normal they were insanely realistic. i could have sworn I saw faces and mushrooms with faces on them coming out of the floor in the garage. the body high was very intense, I felt numb through out my body. These boomers where bomb!!!

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