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2nd time(fear and loathing)

Well this was the second time that i have ever done shrooms in my life.

Well this was the second time that i have ever done shrooms in my life...and let me start off by saying it was amazing...there was about 6 of us at a friends house partying it up we each got an 8th a piece and threw in on an oz. of good sticky icky...well we rolled the whole oz up into 4 huge insane j's by patching numorous papers togetehr, we all sat around and ate our shrooms chewed them up nice and good... then smoked our first fog log, sat around and popped in fear and loathing in las vegas well for obvious reasons... but im watching it and everything is fine til about 30 minutes into the movie and i start to see colors and multible screens surrounding it...it was all going in a spiral motion until i completely zoned everything out and went on this amazing journey...i was taken to an old dusty room that seemed if it hasnt seen life in over 20 yrs and there was nothing in the room except 5 wooden chairs and i was sitting in one of them there was a window with thick blinds and you could bearly see sunlight poking at the sides of the blides allowingan amber glow into the dark room...and as i was sitting in the chair i could hear depps voice behind me echoing as he went into deep thought...a very amazing expirence and i look foward to doing shrooms again very soon..just thougt i would sare my little expirence thanks

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