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2 sides to a trip (long, and possibly boring)

Well, yesterday i went over to my homegirl D's house for a mushroom trip.

Well, yesterday i went over to my homegirl D's house for a mushroom trip. Unfortunutly she had a nasty sinus cold goin on, and couldn't trip.
That left myself and C; her boyfriend. We split the 6 grams of texans between the two of us. Heating spaggeti and mixing the shrooms in. I definately got the bigger half, eating probably 3-4 grams. It was 9 p.m.
I started coming up, about 20 minutes later. I hadn't really prepared myself for the journey having jumped into it with alot of stress, and unease on my mind.
That would show itself soon after.
I and C decided to take a walk down by the river, under the bridge. On the walk, i started experiencing some "bad" visuals. Demon faces in the trees.
This was one of my first night trips keep in mind.
The path to the river that i had walked a thousand times began to look very alien, I told C to be my guide for this trip.
We got there, and sat overlooking the forest and the river.
The usually magestic sight, became menacing, and dark. The trees were warping into "demons" and moving in closer in a sinister manner.
I tried to chill, but soon asked C if we could go back.
On the way back i began to realize that I was having my first "bad" trip. I was kicking myself, for not showing enouph respect to the fungus, by going in with the wrong mindset.
Instead of going straight home C suggested we walk around to the park.
When we got there the first tinges of paranoia were beggining. I knew that soon somebody from those ghetto apartements, was gonna come out, and challenge us for tresspassing on their turf, or the fuzz was gonna come end the party.
As we walked back I began to realize that i was at the moment. For the most part in controll. I told C that it wasn't all that bad of trip, just a wierd one.
That soon changed, when a car drove past, and circled back around. Fallowing us up the street. We made haste back to the apartement.
I decided to part ways with C, and wonder off by myself as i realized there was nothing he could do to protect me from this bad trip, and i was lible to bring him down with me. As soon as i stepped away from the apartement i became unsure of were I was, as if i was in some other apartement complex.
I wondered to the back and layed down in a dark corner, on a patch of grass to try to ride this thing out.
As i lay the tree in front of me was doing the most wicked things, a large white Cat was circling me. The grass was hard as a brillow pad and filled with insects or so it seemed. Soon i heard aproaching police sirens. When they became very close i got up and hurried away. All of a sudden, when they were right outside of the wall, the sirens stopped. Surely someone had seen my iratic and paranoid behaviour, and called the law. I almost wished i would be caught, to bring an apropriate end to this horrible night.
I somehow made it back to the apartement. breathing just alittle bit easyer.
I wasn't terrified, or freaking out at this point, nor had i been "out of control" anytime during the night. I was just paranoid as hell, experiencing unpleasant visuals, and not feeling great at all.
I alerted D,C,and E. To the situation, stating i thought i was going insane.
Now this is wher things turn around.
Instead of everybody fussing over me, as i expected them to. They went on with there conversation, drinking beer, and offering a few words of comfort. Things took a very strange turn. At first i was a quite frustrated at them all.
Have you ever seen the doors? you know that part where Jim, meets Andy Warhol?
D became Andy. She was telling some story from a few years back, about... some random shit. Everybody went on doing there own thing
I began to feel better.
I went out on the porch, with E. A retired veteran tripper. He is a trip and half unto himself. He has a great since of humor,and is smart as fuck. He always has the most thought provoking shit to say, and tonight he was going off the chain, as if my tripping was rubbing off on him.
When i went back inside i was happy and lighthearted, along with everybody else.
I decided to bust out the nitrous. One hit and i was transfomed into a lauphing mess. Soon everyone had a go, and extreme feeling of pleasure, and humor pemeated the room. My disturbing visuals, had turned buetiful once more.
Half way through the nitrous, we hit a wave of such pleasure as i'v never experienced before, that didn't come down for the rest of the night.
There was just such a love, and understanding, between us. Tears of lauphter, and happyness streamed down my face. Everyone i the room agreed that this was one of the best nights ever.
We decided to watch monty pithon and the holy grail. Which fit my mood perfectly.
The only sound throughout the movie was of lauphter, and the occasional WTF is going on.
At about 2 i went to bed. Sleeping in the same bed as D's cat who has never even let me pet her in the 4-5 years i'v known D.
I was left awake, unable to let go of the nights wonders. Trying as hard as i could not to come down. By 3 i was asleep.

sorry if this wasn't very intertaining

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