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1st Trip


Hey.. This Was my first trip on shrooms, it was near the end of Summer in '97. I decided to go to town with my other friend and meet a bunch of people down town. So when we got there and met up with them we went and looked for some shrooms, which took about an hour or two.. So we finally got some at around 10pm. We Had about 1 1/2 grams each. After take it we went down by this beach and sat on this grassy hill, there was about 15 of us, but only 9 of us were on shrooms.

I dont know, about 20 minutes has passes, and my best friend asked me if I could feel it yet. I said "no" then right after i said that everythin went weird, and i could feel it. I looked over at the lights and they all seemed to be really blurry and smearing together. I told my friend and she noticed it too. So I layed down and the sky was so clear that night the stars looked really strange, and I made out some kind of dragon in them. It was really neat, after laying there for about 15 minutes watchin the stars, i forgot about everyone Until my friend said we had to go. So I got up, and Me, her and about 5 other people left, the other 5 weren't on shrooms. It felt really weird when i got up, I felt kind of drunk and started stumbling all over. And then all of a sudden i started laughing, and couldnt stop. I laughed at everything. And when people walked by they kinda looked at me wierd. But i just laughed at them. I didnt really know the people we were walkin with, so they looked at me wierd too. But anyways, my friend wanted to pick this flower she saw, She tried getting it but she couldnt, and when she finally did she missed it and got a weed. So i found that really funny and laughed more.

It was about a 20 minute walk back to town, and the whole time i laughed at everything, and my stomach was hurting because i was laughing so much. When we finally got there we sat there for about 30 minutes talking and staring at the sky and the cars that drove by. It was about 11 or 11:30pm by now, and my brother came to pick us up, when we got in the car he didnt know what we were on,so i told him and then he asked me something, i forgot what it was, and when i replied I was laughing it to him. I couldnt stop it. Then we started leaving knowing my friends in the back tripping too, i was wondering what she was thinking. My brother has an awesome system, and he turned the music up real loud, and i could feel the bass on my back. It was like the beat was going to the blinker when we were turning and i found that funny too.. I couldnt get this stupid grin off my face. And asked if we wanted to go to Mcdonalds, and i said yah. I dont know why i didnt feel like it, it just came out. So we went there and me and my friend went in to get it. I knew the people that worked there because i used to work there (haha) and they started to talk to me, and i just laughed the whole time i dont think i really talked to them. When it was finally our turn to order, I couldnt do it, I didnt want to talk to them so i turned around and starting laughing every one in the restruaunt were looking at us. I told my friend to do it but she didnt want to either. so I just went up and when i got there I forgot what i was getting and just said any number order. When she was taking the money i put my hand out, and it was kinda out of her reach, so she had to like lean over the counter to give it to me. I didnt realize it until she handed me the money. I Just stood there still. Then we finally left I had tears cause i was laughing so much in there. We got back in the car and the burgers look like rubber toys or something so we didnt eat them. My brother dropped us off and we finally got home, we into my room, and i told my friend that i have kitties, and she looked at me really strange, she didnt know what i was talking about.. Im like ya kittens..she didnt clue in until I showed her my 5 kittens, we started playing with them, letting them run around on our backs, it was sooooo weird. I couldnt stop laughing, I was laughing for about the last 3 hours now. When got over the kittens I turned off the lights because there was glow in the dark stickers everywhere, we layed there looking at them for an hour.. or so it seems.. everything was so calm.

We went outside and sat layed under the stars while my friend had a smoke. Then we noticed the smoke coming off of it which seemed to amaze us. We watched her smoke burn down. It looked soo cool at the time, because it was dark and you could see the burning part of it. then it finally died, and she got upset cause her smokes were all gone and she didnt have that one. She finally got over and pointed out two cats facing each sitting under this street light. It really looked liked they were talking to each other, then both of the cats walked up the hill and into the darkness. It was weird. Then we started hearing all these weird noises.. It sounded cool. But it was just music from up the hill and cars from down the road. I looked through my fence and saw the forest over there, it seemed like the bushes were going around in circles like a whirlpool or something. It was fascinating. I watched that for about 15 minutes or longer. I forgot about my friend because she was so quiet. We finally came back inside, and i guess it was about 2am by then. Time was going by fast.Then I noticed my wall paper at really neat designs in it, I kept making out faces, and animals in it. I layed on my bed watching it. I was so calm and comfy, and couldnt stop giggling. there was a sweater on my bed, and for some weird reason my friend put her face on it and she kept saying that she could see our friends downtown. I was like whatever, and she told me to look into my sweater, so i did.. but i couldnt see nothing. But she looked for i dont know probably 20 minutes saying she could see them, I just laughed at her. Then we finally went to bed and just layed there looking at the glow in the darks. I liked that trip because it was so calm and relaxing. I laughed the whole 5 hours though, and didnt really stop. Everything seemed so funny at the time. Life Seemed funny. But it was a fun trip. :)

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