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1st timer

Well last week my friend who is on prohibation calls me out of nowhere and tells me that he just bought 2.

Well last week my friend who is on prohibation calls me out of nowhere and tells me that he just bought 2.5 grams of shrooms for 20 bucks. So I heard a while back that a gram is enough to get you high, and we'll be doing a bit extra so It'll be a great first-time thing.

So I meet him at the park and he shows me the bag and we split it up and eat it. I thought it tasted bad and I rolled up a nice fat joint while me and him waited for it to kick in. I thought it would never kick in for the longest time.

We began to walk up the street to SUBWAY and when we sat down and talked for a few minutes it hit me like a ton of bricks...(literally) The first theing I remembered is seeing some kid from my school eating with his dad and I couldn't stop laughing for any reason. I was just laughing and laughing away at everything. At some point I reached in to get my wallet and realized that all my bud had falen out of the bag and that it was sitting in my pocket so I left to pick it up in the bathroom and when i came back it seemed that my friends high had just begun.

We had "arranged" for our friend Mark to stay sober and babysit for us and make sure we didnt do anything stupid but he was already stoned off his ass and showed up like an hour late. The next thing I remember is having to go back to kc's house for his curfew at 7 and having the most trouble thinking about walking and something else simultaneously. When we FINALLY got there me and Mark sat in his back-yard and had a nice conversation while I tested out the fact that I could not feel pain in my legs by falling off of his roof and climbing trees and such.

The great day ended by me meandering over to a minimall and calling my dad to pick me up while I try to stay sane.

I ended up in my shower, upside-down.

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