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1st time, an expierence

Yesterday night was my first time tripping.

Yesterday night was my first time tripping. I had eaten mushrooms previously but they had no effect(didnt eat enough). At about 8:10 I ate about 1.7 grams of dried mushrooms along with 3 buddies.
We left my friends house and began to walk around, as I hear this is the thing to do when tripping. We walked blocks and blocks with lingering effects, but no real satisfaction. About a mile later, we found ourselves on top of the largest hill in the area. I thought this would be awsome as I would have vivid visuals and such, but it ended up it wasn't all that great. I really got the most fullfillment from walking. So we tredged on, and the trip got real crazy. We went and tried sitting in several unusual places, but nothing really impressed me.
In any case, I had mild visuals(blurring,color changes) but what the real experience was the fact that my mind seemed to reach salvation. I had this gut feeling the whole time to just keep moving, like something was pulling me along, but all I could do was think, and communicate with my friends. I thought of many things during the next 2 hours that I wish I could recall today. I couldn't put what the shrooms did to my mind into words then, and cant now that I'm sober. The next time I trip I would really like to sit alone, and collect my thoughts and express them in words, or pictures, or something, but I dont know if tripping alone is ideal.
In any case, good shroomin'- and keep safe.

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