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1st time woz awesome!

right, this is how it goes.

right, this is how it goes... me n ma m8 were bored (as per usual) n i had a tenna n theres this shpo near ma house dat u used 2 be able 2 just buy them in called the mushroom so we wnt n got 30gs. in da box there were 2 mexican shrooms n me n ma m8 just munched 1 each, i didnt tink they tasted so bad. newayz, we were in this alley n afta about 20 mins we were startin 2 get bummed out tinkin that they werent gonna work n we were betta off gettin high so we started walkin home. thats wen it hit us.. shit ive NEVER laughed sooo much in ma life. it woz such a wicked trip even fuckin trees were fun-e 2 us.id say 2 ne1 at least try em coz they are warped.. u'll never find neting like it. Trust.

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