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1st Time - at a Festival!!


I'm an 18 year old dude and about a month ago me & my mate went to the Ashton Court Festival in Bristol, England. My mate told me I should try some mushrooms at the festival & i said i'd think about it, I'd thought about it before but cos I'm a bit of a straight head, (no pot or other drugs) I thought it wouldn't be a very good idea.

When we got into Bristol we decided to buy a 10 pack of Foster's to take into the festival. We drank the majority of crate on the way up the hill to the festival (we walked) My mate had bought about an eighth of weed & smoked most of it to himself and after a bit of drunkeness we decided we'd browse the old 'Herbal High' stall, which offered things like salvia, poppers & loads of other weird stuff & of course, mushrooms!. We decided to buy 10 grams of these mushrooms called 'blue meanies'! like off Yellow Submarine dude!
The mushrooms looked kinda like ordinary ones with blue mould on them. I ate a whole mushroom & then another stalk & my mate had 2 stalks & a load of crap at the bottom of the bag!
We knew they wouldn't take effect for about half an hour so we decided to go off & explore the festival & see some cool bands...
After a while we decided to go & sit by a big silver trailer which looked like one of those ones in american desert films. We sat down & i started to feel a bit weird. My mate said "Do you feel weird man?" & we started to laugh! The first thing that happened was my legs went really wobbly & i got what i can only describe as 'Psychedelic pins & needles' through my whole body, it felt pretty relaxing though. Then i stood up & felt it hit me as I looked at my reflection in the trailer.
We walked off to go & see some music & i noticed the green grass changing colour from green to purple, also people walking past were leaving trails! As I moving my hand in front of my face it didn't feel like it was my hand and it also left a trail! Somehow we got talking to these dudes handing out leaflets who were laughing at us cos we were totally tripping out! we followed them for a while & sat down & had a conversation though it was hard to concentrate on just one thing, I had to keep looking round at things and people, it was like time had slowed down & i had enough time to really concentrate on people as they walked past.

We lay on the ground for a bit & i could feel myself melting into the ground so I had to get up & go for a walk in the woods.
I closed my eyes & i could see really weird visuals that looked like computer images swirling round, although i couldn't so much see them as FEEL them, it's hard to explain unless you've done shrooms. The surrounding woods looked so amazing, i just kept staring at trees, it felt like they were alive. Then as me & my friend were drifting round staring at trees 2 policemen came along & said something like "Right then, what are you lads doing? Seems a bit weird wanerding round looking at trees, ey?", then this really ugly copper looked me in the eyes & said a load of shit i didn't understand, I thought we'd better go, so i floated off to the burger stall & bought a burger! it was a miracle i could work out how much to pay the guy and as I stumbled back to my mate & sat down, all the onions fell out & the ketchup was all over my hands, this seemed totally hilarious to me at the time.

We had now been wandering around for about 5 hours, the time seemed to have totally gone with us just walking round looking at things & me talking a load of shite to my mate, I don't think he was tripping as much as me as he didn't eat any caps & he'd smoked about 6 joints which i'm told sobers you up.

We decided we'd better not waste any more time & go & watch some music. We went into this DJ tent & sat down. The music blaring from the speakers sounded so psychedelic & by now everything sounded really distant and echoing.
It helped that the guy was playing this really amazing music! I jumped up on the stage & asked the guy what record he was playing, he said it was Shirley Bassey's cover of the Doors' 'Light My Fire'. WOW! mushrooms increased my appreciation of music about ten times!
That was really about the last highpoint in my trip, after that i started to sober up, 8 hours later!
I still felt a buzz as we watched this really weird band called Chikini but i wasn't seeing colours like before.

Overall, it was fun but i kept saying to my mate that it would be better with about 10 people, in the woods, all on mushrooms & listening to some cool music like The Doors or Pink Floyd. The best way I can descibe my experience is like on The Simpsons when they go to 'Hullabalooza' & Otto's shoes are talking to him! Although i wasn't hallucinating really, everthing moving left a colourful trail, and everything i saw looked the same but FELT really different.

nothing is real.....

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