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The one gram ride

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Amount of shrooms: One gram
Type of shroom: ????

Well this is a report on my first trip. The day was June 17 fathers day. That day me and my familey where going to a familey gatering of my dads side of the familey. When we got to my cousen’s house where it was being held I went inside and started talking to my cousens. After awile me and two of my cousens went downstares. After awile we started talking about drugs I said how I wanted to trip on shrooms real bad. Then my cousen who lived at that house told me he had a gram of shrooms left from the last time he triped and said he wold give it to me. So I took the shrooms. After awile I had to leave but before I left my cousen told me to go on my msn messenger before I left.
So when I got home with my trippy friends in my pocket and went to my computer and then I went online I waited 15min for him to go online then I decided to get off the net then go back online in about 20min but right when I got off the net he signed in . So I went back on the net and started talking to him about the shrooms and asking some stuff about them and shit even though I read every thing I needed to know. I was a little nervis to eat them but after him saying “EAT EAT EAT” I guss it gave me some sort of strenth to eat them. I asked him to stay online for a bit of my trip before I started eating them but he had to go because his mom wanted to use the phone. I was thinking “Why the fuck dose she use the phone all the time” but after he got off the net I pulled out the shrooms and smelt them for some reaseon. “They sorta smell like tobacko in a kilm” I thought to myself. But the I said to my self “IM SUPOST TO BE EATING THEAYS THINGS NOT SNIFFING THEM, GET FUCKING GOING!!!” so I put some in my mouth and started chewing. I was thinking to myself “Theys bastereds don’t tast as bad as they said they do”. Then I started getting this urge to throw up. They didn’t tast bad they just made me want to throw up for some reason. So I got a cup put the shrooms in and poured in some choclate syrup got a spoon went to my room and stared putting chunks in my mouth and started chewing on them till the choclate syrup taste was gone swollowed then did the same till they where all gone.
Then after I was done them all I started to clean my room to pass the time till I started tripping, any way a clean room is better for tripping.
About 45-50 min later I started to get light headed. But a little later I started to get a headach with this lighthead and there was no tylonol left at our place so to get my mind off the headach I started to help my mom burn some sticks and stuff from pruning the trees. It was sorta fun wathing the fire slowly consume the sitcks but I got board. A min later my mom asked me to help work up the soil (because of he diging up the ground it was all soft and shit and because of this a few days later my dogs would start a one week hole diging streek but that is anouther story) wile I was working this up I was thinking of how quick my life is going to be and how im going to be dead in a snap just like how I got to my age in a snap and because of this I think it started turning into a bad trip but I didn’t really care I was just trying to work up the soil as if I was sorber sp my mom wouln’t notice im tripping. After awile I noticed how much I sucked at working up dirt when im triping I was still on a small part of the garden and my mom had almost finshed the rest so I said to my mom I wasn’t feeling to go and she fell for it!
Any way I decided to stay out side because I live in the country and there is tons of nature and people are always saying how great nature is wile tripping. So I went to the gold fish pond behind my house but I was bombarded by misquitos so I said to myself “For now fuck nature im coming back out at night when there are less misquitos!” So I went inside and went on to my computer. I was looking at a pic of a huge mounton in BC but the pic looked so cheap wile I have TRIP O VISION. So I layed down by bed and started looking around my room. Woooh was it trippy! My whole room looked like it was sorta waving. You know when you look at a candel and above the candel there are waves from the heat. Well that is what by room looked like but it was moving slower and it was a bit clearer. Then I just sared at my dresser. It just started to look like the old school Surper Mario graphics. Then I saw my miny tv I was slanted on a 40º angle because a didn’t bother putting back up right when it fell between my dresser and my desk. I decided it was the tv being slanted is what made the room so trippy. Then I noticed I had to use the washroom so I did. I started to go, I was thinking of all the bad storys I heard about people not knowing when they stoped going. But I had no problem at all.
From there I went to my living room, there was a movie on It looked like they where stranded on a snowey mounton and one of there fellow mounton climbers had froz to death. When they talked it sounded like they where speeking some long lost achient idean language. I had to really consentrate to make it go back to english. After this the cermirshals started. That was the best time for wathing the tv for me. Shit they where soooo fucking funny. But the best one was one about ice cream (I didn’t know it was about ice cream intill I saw it sorber), I was wathing this thing and I just saw theys chip bags (They where really ice cream tubs) say yummmmmm Yummmmmm YUMMMMMMM. I was laughing my brains out this was so funny. But after about two more the damn movie started again.
So I went out side and sat on a chair.I was just siting there thinking a million thoughts per sec. I was making up some really cool songs that sounded like tool songs. Then I looked to my left and saw a misquito spray bottle. So I took it and sprayed it towords the tree. Where ever I sprayed it towords the tree turned sorta gree gold for a sec or two then went back to normal colour.Then I got up walked back and forth on my porch about 2 times then saw my two dogs there. I started peting one of my dogs and I thought I saw the dogs eyes roll back into its head but then I got really really close to the dog and saw it was just looking up at me. So any way I got off the porch and walked to the side of my house, then I looked up. Holy shit where them stars cool the looked like really bright electric dimonds or something like that. I had never saw the stars this way before.
After doing this I went inside then to my room. I was starting to get a little tired so I tried to go to sleep. I was rembering some stuff I read that said it was impossible to sleep wile tripping but I was willing to chalenge this. So I got on to my bed and like the last time I was on my bed I felt like I was morphing and melting into the bed. I then closed my eye and saw some reallt cool patterns. Its hard to say what shapes and form the pattern was but I can tell you the colour. It was w very bright green at the top and then slowly changed to a purple as it went down ( When I say went down I mean It was sorta flowing down words) then as it went down more it turend into a mideum red colour. As this was happening all the colours where glowing, it was so cool I was looking at this pattern for about an hour, that is how amzing it was!
Then everything after that I forgot intill I went to the living room again. At this point my trip was slowing down and the light where off. I managed to find a chesterfield and layed down on it. I just looked at the patterns around the room for a few min but then I got really tired so I went to sleep.

This isn’t every thing that happened and some things I coulden’t eazyly explane so I left them out.
Sorry if I spelt anything wrong im just really really tired right now

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