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16 on shrooms

Me and my friend lately have been trying to find shrooms but we've had no luck.

Me and my friend lately have been trying to find shrooms but we've had no luck. This would be my third time trying them and my friends first. We finally got a hold of some so we bought them. We took them to my house and ate them up at 1:00 AM I knew they took awhile to kick in so i told my friend just to wait.

About an hour went by and nothing was happening my friend began to doze off while i surfed the internet. About 20 minutes later i noticed a picture looked a little strange. I woke my friend up and asked if he had felt anything he said no. We decided to smoke a bowl to pass time (knowing they would soon kick in) After a few hits the smoke started looking way different. THats when we knew they kicked in. I was looking at my carpet and it was moving in a water type motion, i put my hand on it and it apeared that my hand shrunk when i touched it. i told my friend to watch, he saw the same thing. We sat there and continued doing this for about 30 min. After awhile we started watching flash animations on ebaumsworld. They were so trippy. We did this for a very long time. Now it was about 4:30 and my dad was gonna get up to go to work soon so we tried to go to sleep. OH NO... wasn't gonna happen. We layed there with the lights off forever. My friend couldn't stop rubbing his legs together and moving around. We both could not stop talking. At about 6:00 we both got really cold, but were sweating. We continued to try to get some sleep.

My friend ended up falling asleep but i couldn't. My dad left and i got in the bath and listened to dave chapelle stand up comedy and some afroman. I layed there until about 7:30. I went out in the living room and fell asleep.

I slept until 2 ate something, then went back to sleep. I slept from 3 in the afternoon until 7 AM the next day.

Shrooming is a very fun high. I will soon do them again.

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