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1 Gram(wet) Homegrown Psilocybe Cubenis

Recently my substrate began iniating mushrooms, and one night i found myself contimplating eating the one and only shroom big enough to pick.

Recently my substrate began iniating mushrooms, and one night i found myself contimplating eating the one and only shroom big enough to pick. Since i wanted to get a feel of how potent my batch is, i decided that it was actually a pretty good idea to eat the shroom, and that i would eat it the next morning a little while before school.
I awake early, as to avoid confrontation with my mom as i break the shroom off the substrate and weigh it on my digi. One gram, an exceptionally low dose but I know that if they are potent at all i will be able to at least recognize the presence of the akaloids in my brain. So when i hear my mom slip into the shower, I wander out of my room and into the kitchen where i place the shroom in a blender, add a tad of water, and pulverize it into a magical blue mixture that i down immediately.
Fast forward 30 minutes and I am on my bike making my way towards school. S.C.I.E.N.C.E in my walkman, biking at a slow pace, looking at all my surroundings, the trees, the houses, even a couple unusual looking mailboxes caught my eye. Everything looked slightly different than normal and i was absolutely content with my morning thus far.
I arrive to my first peroid class, take a seat and begin chatting with some beautiful girls who i frequently sit next to. One of them gave me an awfully suspicious look when i first say down, probally because of the beatific grin on my face( although i sport this grin much of the time). Well 10 or so minutes into class the teacher decides to give a rather long and involved assignemnt involving the analization of various passages. I begin the assignment with great interest but after spending a little time on it I loose interest and start looking around the room, absolutely engaged with gazing at my surrondings.
Well class eventually ends and i make my way to my locker. I see my friend Neil and tell him about my little morning adventure, as I'm telling him this I hear from behind me, I knew something was up with you this morning or something to that effect, I look behing me and see the same girl who gave me that suspicious look but she didn't apper to have said anything to me. Weird. Well after that no more real noticeable effects. Doing shrooms at low doses definitely has a great charm to it, but i doubt i would ever do them at this low of a dose again put i wonder whats going on at 3 grams wet if this is what i felt at 1.

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