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(Non)Conformity 1

Well, I'm gonna cut right to the chase.

Well, I'm gonna cut right to the chase. Well, a couple of things that are semi-important: Two great friends, 18, June, small town, Saturday, blue sky, and an unexpected trip. PS I'm sorry about how this is presented, I don't know how to make line breaks! Maybe the webmaster will clean it up. You will be rewarded with the feel good story of the year if you read it.

It was a beautiful June day here in Ontario, Canada, and me and my good buddy Jay went for a walk to our local dealer's to pick up a gram of weed. I wasn't too happy when he walked out with 2 grams of shrooms. I had never tripped before, and didn't feel sufficiently prepared and was mad at paying $10 for something I didn't consent to. If I had known the mind-expanding bliss that was waiting for me in the coming hour, I would have gladly forked over five times that.

Jay had told me about his trips before, and since his first involved primarily making out with a refridgerator, I was understandably apprehensive. We made our way to our good friend John's place, who had just got off work. He works at the same place I did at the time, Harvey's (fast-food), and he was really pissed. I don't know why, because I didn't mind it. Anyway, we told him we had mushrooms we were gonna eat and wanted to know if he would like to come along and watch us trip (he had abused the sacred shroom earlier in his life, and thus have no effect on him anymore). He responded to our conversation by telling Jay to "Shut up"! I'm glad we didn't visit him on our way up, because that would've totally destroyed the good vibes that day was bringing, and our trip in the process.

Anyway, me and Jay each scarfed a gram in John's driveway at about 3:00pm. I didn't care for the taste, but it was not as bad as others had described to me. We washed them down with Coke, and began venturing to Jay's, which was across the small town we inhabited. We got into his house, and sat in his living room, without TV or music. There we sat, waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Then slowly, it started to click...

I feel GREAT.

I stared at the VCR, which to this day I'm still uncertain if it was laughing, but that's how I was reassured that these shrooms were good as it had been 45 minutes since ingestion. Jay sat on the loveseat, upside-down, laughing, so I knew he was out. I picked up his dad's acoustic guitar and began picking at it. I don't know how to play anything minus the opening of 'Nothing Else Matters', but what I was doing truly amazed me and tripped Jay out. Flicking the strings created a great sound, akin to electronica. This was fun for a little. Then we moved to Jay's room for some music.

That's when the drugs began to take hold. (Who can spot that movie reference? Hint: Fear And Loathing...)

Jay is a guy who takes great pride in music and audio equipment, and has an extensive CD collection as well as a kick-ass stereo. Amazing combination for music-trippers. We flicked his black-light on, and lied on his mattress, listening to things we love and never give a chance. The Odds are excellent for tripping. And now Daft-Punk has become sort of an institution when we take shrooms now. I recommend anybody listen to the song "Digital Love" by Daft for future tripping. You can't fathom how good it makes you feel.

Whoa, I just noticed how long this report is getting, I'd better make it more to-the-point, all though there really isn't one. And this is only 30 minutes into the trip! Anyway, no hallucinations yet, but a great feeling of love. Towards EVERYTHING. Maybe it was blacklight, but right then, me and Jay became hippies. From that point it was just "live". We lied there for I don't know how long listening to CD's and records in alternation. We came to the conclusion that records were "warm", and digital CDs were "cold". The warm and cold theory became the basis of the rest of our trip.
Out of nowhere, Jay's sister's boyfriend suddenly and unexpectedly walked in. It appeared gay when he came in, as it was me and Jay lying on a bed in the dark, until we told him what was up. This was the first person we came into contact with since we chowed down, and it was most welcome indeed. When he went back upstairs, we decided it was time to explore. With our newfound respect for nature, this would be most interesting indeed.
We walked outside, and my God, the world was beautiful. Colours were so vibrant and loving, the blue sky looked great with the second-before-starting-to-set sun, and invitingly enough, not one cold machine (car) to be seen. The town was ours.
I insisted we walk to Harvey's, where I worked, because I wanted to see more friends. We made a quick stop at the deserted grocery store parking lot to push around carts. Then we were inside. No customers thankfully, but a lot of co-workers. I ordered everyone to get out of this "conformist factory" and go out and explore. They laughed at my obviously fucked-up condition, but in a jealous way. I bought a strawberry milkshake, which was amazing, and since no one was about to up and quit and join our 2-man brigade, we started to walk up the trail behind the restaurant and sit on a nearby fallen tree.
Well, long story short, we basically walked around, and back to my house. I didn't shut up the whole walk, talking about millions of different things that were in fact ingenious but unfortunately have since escaped me. I wish I wrote them down!
We came back down to earth in my place, and loved the whole 4 hour experience. We bought more shrooms about an hour after, ate them, but that's a whole new story. Mayve i'll tell it sometime.
Peace, love, and listen to Daft Punk-Discovery next trip!

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