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"Fantasia" shroomz for the 1st time

Whats up.

Whats up. I have tripped balls before off bomb acid over 20 times and never wigged out or got scared, and just always was just trying to make agendas of movies to watch, places to go or specific things to experience ex concerts, movie theateres , The Cleveland Indians vs the Braves, not to ramble, but i am saying i can handle my shit, not like some god damn amatuer. My boy bought 10 grams of some bomb ass shroomz w/ caps like golfballs, and they had a phat putple ring on the stem. we split up the sack evenly and ate them at 6:00 on the dot, so we would know what time to refrence. We just stated to smoke blunts like " hell yeah, bought to be trpippin balls" but i have never ate shroomz before. about an hour later, it was setting in like nobody buisness. the fuckin branches on the trees started twirling towards the ground, and the ground had waves pulsating over it like fuckin light mini nuke clouds. so iam like, what the fuck is goin on man??? so me and my boy go in the house and put in fantasia on, and like 30 minutes into it, the whole room is on some crazy shit, and i am staring to not get scared, but in a pure state of fasanation with everything around me. all of a sudden, my boy starts freakin out talkin about how the movie " did something to him" and it was "evil, an something was wrong with that movie" this shit dont make sense, we are both starting to just get gone. so we are both reaching an immediate concensus on site that we should pause it, we were all justifying it to ourselves, like " it's ok to turn it off, lets just give it a break, as the fucking water starts to like drown micky and the brooms,a nd the music is just getting louder duh duh duh da da da dah dah da, and my boy starts throwing pillows and news papers at the tv, and went to break the tv, and i just pulled the cord out of the wall. so we are like. ok thats better, turned on the lights and went outside on this surn porch. i was starting to just be on the most fucking retarted thinking shit, i cant explian it. then i looked up in my blunt smoke( we smoke a lot) and i saw a face telling me " you will se, but don't tell the others, they just wont understand, but you will know" and i said what outloud like " what" i was all astonished, like who was that? were did he come from? who is the othersd? then i staterd to get all confused, and things just werent making any sense, and i just started to ask my self all these incoherent whisper questions to myself,a nd make this "eeeeellllooonnnnnnnneewwww" sound in the back o my voice , not loud, but just sitting there on this porch making this quiet sound to myself. I went outside and jmped over the deck wall, on to the grass, and started rolling around in the grass like a god damn dog with fleas, just all intruged with the grass. then my boy is like yells real loud " what the fuck are you doin? and i was like uh,...... uh, chillin over here on this grass, itsa comfertable as hell, fuck that manmade shit, this grass is all i need. so my boy runs down like " whats up on it" and i a m like what? the grass. and i am like, oh well,.... uh yeah look at this shit. i picked up a handfull of grass and put it in my mouth and chewed on it for a half second, and then spit it out, like " this grass is no good" like some other fform of grass would have tasted better. well, i am getting tired of typing now, but i was tripping balls at midnight where i some how ended up barefoot at this lake with a crowd of 5,000 people, watching fireworks not knowing how i got there, who i was with, where i was, or why the fuck i did not have my shoes on , or where they were( i never found my AIR JORDANS 125$$ DOWN THE DRAIN GOD DAMN IT) I called a taxi, gave him my i.d. ( cause i did not know where i was)and told hime to take me home and dont get pulled over and i will give you 50 bucks, and he was like , uhhhh, ok, sure thing pal, you just sit tight" and it was the most secure comferting feeling i have ever remembered to have. i was complating in my head the whole time if he was a fed, or if he is fake taxi driver, and "they" sent him, or if he knew i was trippin, i was just lookin at the floor tryin not to make eye contact with anyone or anything. i still was seeing all kinds of pure distortion, i got home, he was like ok, thats it. i looked at my house, and it looked like heaven, the sanctity of my safe heaven. i pulled out a 50 bill out of my wallet, gave it to him, and stated to walk to my door, and they guy yelled HEY, YOUR ID MAN, YOU NEED THIS SHIT, i was like , oh yeh, i do dont i, took it and then the last thing i remember is walking through my front yard to my front door, then i must have collapsed or passed out or something( never happened to me brfore when i was trippin on acid) i woke up to my mom waking me up the same morning at around 8:15 and she said" what happened to you, out here in the front yard asleep????? i said "I at some mushroomz, and uh,,, yeah. she said. well, that explains alot" i said, mom you have no idea.

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