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1st Trip

Sometime in October 97 one of friends asked me if I could hook up some shrooms.

Sometime in October 97 one of friends asked me if I could hook up some shrooms. I told him that I knew someone. So after school I called the guy that could hook it up. The guy came to my house and took some shrooms. So my friend bought an 1/8 of shrooms and kicked down a cap and a stem. After my friend left I ate them and nothing happened. Like 20 minutes later my brother came and said he wanted shrooms. So i called his friend again to bring shrooms. My brother bought them and I told him to give me some because the ones I ate didn't do anything to me. So he gave me 2 stems and a cap. I ate them and nothing was happening. So I told him to give me more . I ended up eating to hole fucken bag. One of my homeboys was kickin it with me in my brothers room watching some shit I don't even remember what it was. My two older brothers were in the room too and they were telling me how fucked up I was going to get. I just told them to shut the hell up when all of a sudden I started seeing swirls of colors. My homeboy and my brothers knew that the shrooms kicked in so they were making weird faces at me and I was trippin out. Then my oldest brother started to play the electric guitar and it sounded like Arabian music and when I was watching him play his face started to wabble and shit. Then I started to stare at the ground and i saw worms all over the carpet. Then everything started to melt and the fan on the ceiling turned into a giant bug and all kinds a gold dust started to come out of its wings.Then the room got super small and when I would close my eyes and then open them the room would get huge. The time was going super slow and I just wanted the fucken trip to stop . Like 2 hours had past and the trip was getting worse. I started seeing a lot of egyptian shit . I saw those dudes with the dog faces and I started hearing a lot of voices in my head. It was like if they were talking to me. I got on my brothers bed to relax and it looked liked the blankets were trying to eat me. So I got up and turned on my brothers black light and turned off the other lights so I can trip out even more. Then I started staring at the glow in the dark starz on the ceiling . They were stretching out and it looked like drops of water were coming down. Then my mom came in and asked something and I started trippin out. She told me to get all of my dirty clothes and give them to her so she can wash them. When I went to get my clothes I was floating to my room and couldn't get back down. Then I went to my bathroom and started staring in the mirror. I saw my dads face in the mirror and then it changed to my oldest brothers face. I just closed my eyes and heard a lot of voices talking shit. So I went back to my brothers room to chill and try to go to sleep. When I closed my eyes I saw a bright yellow light everywhere and still heard voices. Then I saw a demon like form laughing and laughing . I think it was hell or something because I saw a lot of weird shit like a lot of people screaming their asses off in pain. Well anyways after that I heard my homeboy ask me how does it feel and I told him it felt like shit. Then my brother started playing GAMEDAY 98 and while he was playing there were like about 100 players on the field with no heads and a couple of them with no arms or legs. Then I said to myself that this was pretty cool. Like 6 hours had past and the shrooms had gone down and I started feeling kind of sleepy so i tried to go to sleep but I still heard fucken voices. So I got up and started watching T.V. and everything started to melt again and I said what the fuck isn't this shit suppost to wear out by now but then I said fuck it ! So I just stayed up the rest of the night hearing voices and trippin my ass off in my room .

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