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(FT)IM ON FIRE!!!!!!

im trippin at the moment but ill just say whats happenin to me.

im trippin at the moment but ill just say whats happenin to me.....well it seems my toes are on fire and i do believe goblins are coming through the wall....the beatles are in my living rooms and talking to me with there guitars....i am experience the strange effect of no trails but i can still tell im on somthing. me ears are now on fire with little devils pokeing them and the angles are nibbling my ears.....strange trip indeed......i have no ears now but i believe the goblins i spoke of earlier are daceing on top of my head....and theres silly people danceing around me and the beatles sing on.....but now the angles have come with there harps and are driveing the devils and goblins back into my ears wich have grown back but now my hair is growing perfusley long and the goblins are back since im about to pass out i better stop typeing....later all douudes

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