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The Most Amazing Thing Of My Life

My Brother had bought 3/4 of an ounce of shrooms and knew I had been wanting to do some for a long time.

My Brother had bought 3/4 of an ounce of shrooms and knew I had been wanting to do some for a long time. He sold me an eighth when he got home from work and I ate them on a bagel with cream cheese right away. My mom was going to be home in a few hours so I knew it probably wasn't the best time to do them but I was so excited I ate them right away. I ate half and planned on saving the other half for another time. After I finished them I went to my room and watched tv for about an hour. I went to go talk to my brother and started to feel really relaxed and loose. After talking to him I went back to my room and started looking at this weird painting in my room and as I started to look at it, it seemed to be being put back together and the colors were brighter. I went to go tell my brother about it but as I talked to him again I wasn't really experiencing the high any more. As I walked back to my room I ate another cap to make sure I was gonna get a good high. I sat back down on my futon and started look at my carpets and it seemed to look like little mushrooms breezing in the wind in slow motion. I knew the high was starting to kick in. I began to start feeling more relaxed and started laughing at stupid stuff I normally wouldn't laugh at. When I started to laugh it was such a great feeling like I had never laughed before. I was watching food network and wasn't listening to music at first. Each show seemed to last for a few hours but were really only 30 minutes and seemed to be so interesting and not making any sense. I started thinking about my weekend (because I took the shrooms on sunday) and everything seemed to be so fresh in my mind like it just happened to me today but it didn't. The visions started to become more intense and I remebered a friend told me to take a shower when I took shrooms. I got ready to leave my room and go to the shower but my mom was home and watching tv and I had to walk past her and I was so hesitant to go take one. Finally I got to the bathroom and started the shower. All the green bottles of shampoo and conditioner were glowing so bright and the water felt so good on me. If I turned one direction, it would become darker, then if I turned the other way, it would become lighter. I wanted to stay in there forever but knew I had to get out. I got out and dried myself off. I went back to my room and turned on Africa by Toto and turned my tv off. As it played I looked in the dark screen of my tv and saw my reflection and it seemed like I was on a jungle sufarii and then I started to move my hands like a hippii and it seemed as if my hands were delayed. I kept doing it and finally stoped and turned on the warriors on my computer. I felt like I was part of the movie I was just like the characters. I started shaking a lot and my bunk bed started sqweeking and when I stopped I kept hearing the sqweeking for a few seconds. It was CRAZY. As I watched the warriors I started scraping my fingers on my the keyboard of my computer and scarped a few keys off but the feeling was so nice. Stuff like this pretty much happened through the whole night. As I tried to fall asleep around 10, I kept seeing designs in my mind and when I opened my eyes, my hand was purple-blackish colored and looked so amazing. I finally feel asleep and the next moring had a terrible headache and gaged a lot. I stayed home from school but it was the most amazing thing of my life. The whole time from eating them to falling asleep was about 7 hours. Thanks for reading.

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