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Hockey Night

It was around 6pm on a friday I took 4 grams of shrooms and sat around with friends.

It was around 6pm on a friday I took 4 grams of shrooms and sat around with friends. I laid out on my cousin's deck and started to get fucked up. I felt like I was just all alone and everything was really far away. My friends cam along and hung out in the back yard I did not talk. I got up and went home. Sat in my living room and watched a strange green patter appear on the cieling, and continually slide across the roof. I watched a picture come alive and move the waves lapped the shore and the trees bent in the preeeze. Then the painting slide inside the wall. I watched a purple man with a pipe for a nose, turn the pipe/nose on and have purple liquid come out which turned into another purple man. I left for hockey drove 15 miles, on the expressway watching cars turn fuzzy and looked very unreal and real at the same time. Getting suited up It seemed like everyone in the room was against me. I got on the ice and thought that no one wanted me there and hated me I didn't like it. I started to think fuck'em all I'll beat them all. I started to get zoned on the puck and made alot of saves. I was stopping people left and right. All I could hear was shine on you crazy diamond by pink floyd. I was playing guitar with my goalie stick because it just seemed right. The game ended I was still fucked and I went home.

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