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Trippin at Pinders

About a month ago, me and a friend picked up a gram of shrooms each and decided we would take them on the coming weekend.

About a month ago, me and a friend picked up a gram of shrooms each and decided we would take them on the coming weekend. The Friday finally came and we decided we would eat the lads at about 9:00. We went to a friends house around supper time and he started to call people over and before we knew it we had a little pre-party goin on. (We had a big party to head to later on) We went into the living room at about 9ish and munched down on them, washing down with water. The taste was pretty bad and I had a hard time swallowing them, but I managed to choke them down. We sat in the living room for awhile until I found myself becomming very bored so I took off the the kitchen to socialize a bit. I propted myself up on the kitchen counter and started to talk to some people there. I I got involved in a half assed conversation but I slowly tuned myself out as I noticed that the kitchen wallpaper was doin some crazy shit. The floweres were slowly all joining stems and they made one big crazy design. I gapped out at that for awhile until I was distracted by a wacky feeling in my legs. My legs felt as if they were beyond numb, like the buggers werent even there. I sat there and watched them move but without feeling a thing. This feeling haunted me on and off all night. After about 20 mins of sitting there in the midst of everyone playing with my legs I looked up to the ceiling fan and it was slowly forming into a UFO formation. It was like this little UFO floating in the middle of the kitchen. It looked like the UFO on the Boston album covers. After that went away after a minute or so I jumped off the counter and headed to another room. After talking to some people for awhile without any real hallucinations everyone started to pack up and before I knew it we were all out the door heading towards the party. I climbed into the truck and took the most boring ride ever to this party. For some reason nobody was talking and we sat in there in complete silence other than the music. This drove me up the wall!! Fifteen minutes passed and we finally arrived at the party I went in and was harrased with some crazy leg feelings but other than that no real hallucinations or anything happened expect somethign really funny. I went outside to throw a buzz on again and when I opened the door it felt like I was getting blown over by some incredibly strong wind. It felt like we were in the middle of a massive wind storm. I was cursing the wind until two girls beside me told me the wind wasnt even hardly blowing. Overall it was an alright little trip. I really was expecting a lot more and next time forsure I will eat a lot more. Most of the time I just felt like I was really wiggin out on weed. Next time shall be better Bubba

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