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long awaited vac.

lets see i tried shrooms for the first time on 9/26/98 and for the most part it was a good trip.

lets see i tried shrooms for the first time on 9/26/98 and for the most part it was a good trip. my friend and i sat down and ate some pizza with shrooms on the top only enough dry for a level one. we ate them a 6:45 and within about 20 minutes i started to feel hot the first sign of the mushrooms majic kiking in. within the hour i was trippin and it was fun he and i sat there for a while and talked about this and strange things popped in and out of my head the whole time. i have read enough trip stuff to understand what is going to happen and how to stop a bad trip. after my friend and i sat for a while we decided to go for a walk down the road and by this time it was black outsid so i grabbed a stuffed animal my green dinosaur and we went out for the walk. we were walking down the road and all of a sudden this horrible feeling came over me. the reason for this was my neighbohrs light was on and it just looked like a door to heaven like i was looking down the hall to heaven and that started to freak me out so we turned around and walked back. by this time i had got myself out of the bad trip. we went bak in my house and watched a movie for a while then i got on line and talked to my girlfriend for a while. every time i looked at the keyboard the keys looked glossy and the red that i was typing in looked brown. after talking to my girl he and i went back to my garage and talked but we were downstairs and i looked at him and it seemed like time was taking forever so i kept having these short bad trips which i got rid of as soon as i listened to some good music. after all that we just sat there and talked for a while and i slowly came down. when i was trippin i must say for me i liked looking at mirrors and distorting my face it was the coolest thing in the world. i didnt do that much and i wasnt hungry at all during it.

all in all it wasnt a bad trip and it was fun but i wont be doing it for a while cause its not like smoking pot it takes a lot longer to come off of than pot does and that kinda bothers me but hey it was a hell of an experience to try.

Ps if your gonna trip i suggest that u do it in a place that u know well and feel comfortable in and always have a friend for at least the first time. the reason for that is that if u start to freak out u can talk to that person and realize that it is only your mind and not to freak out cause it makes it a lot worse if u fall into your minds trap. oh yeah one more thing stay away from red lights and stuff cause your vision will turn any thing a slight shade of red and for me red and blue shadows were all that i could see and the movie that i watched all the charecters looked like there faces were flushed. Later all u trippers ZY

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