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Just in case you'd like to follow my trip history, my first trip is named '1st time;bliss' On my second time doing shrooms, I took them with my best friend 2 days after my first trip.

Just in case you'd like to follow my trip history, my first trip is named '1st time;bliss'

On my second time doing shrooms, I took them with my best friend 2 days after my first trip. He had't done drugs very much at all, and had no expectations whatsoever. I, on the other hand, had deeply hoped I would have a trip similar to my first. We took some shrooms around 5;30 to 6 in the afternoon. I took them about 15 minutes earlier than my friend. We ended up having almost identical trips, but he was about 30 mins behind me in his trip.

We experienced a mad frenzy of the giggles. It was wicked fun. ;-)
That lasted about an hour, then when it stopped, we went outside and took a walk to the park. For this ENTIRE trip, I experienced no visual or audio distortions whatsoever. This could be labeled as a complete HEADTRIP. Ok, enough of the capitals....
We basically got stuck in 'mind-traps' for the whole trip, without realizing what was going on. We kept getting notions and realizations about social pathos or whatever. Basically, I was criticizing the systems we endure in our everyday lives, and it seemed sad and unchangeable at the time. We had thoughts about how the trees could actually be controlling us, but we didn't know it. We thought the reason for this was that they live soooo much longer than us, so their lives are at a much slower speed than ours. The idea is that they communiate with each other, but humans are to inferior to comprehend that. We thought that maybe the trees mentally controlled us to do tihngs that they wanted to get done. The other thought we had on this had to do with pollution. It seems that humans were tools of the trees that got out of hand, and now we are destroying the world. Kind of like the way that the tools we use are destroying the world.. cars and such. After having a very peacefull but sad time at the park, we started walking to McDonalds. I had this EXTREME restlessness in my mind... I had all these emotions and this really really bizarre feeling, and I couldn't quite comprehend what I was thinking because my thoughts changed so rapidly. It's like I couldn't even concentrate on one thought long enough to realize what the thought was. I decided that I was out of place and wanted to go to the coffee shop. I realized that that was a metaphor for my mind-frame, because I felt mentally out of place, like I wanted to be somewhere else. It was the most aggrivating and confusing experience ever. The trip to the coffee shop evolved into what became the trip to McDonalds.

On our walk, my friend and I discussed meanings and systems and important things in our lives, including our complicated past. Both of us have had a rather rough life in our 16/17 years, and it felt good to get a lot of that out. We also discussed our 'constructive criticisms' of each other, and I htink that brought us a lot closer together. One of the big themes of our conversation was that even though we are teenagers, we are very grown up for our age, but then we would realize how we only thought we were grown up, and in many ways are much less mature than people our age, but then we decided that the ability to assess ourselves in such a way was one of our most mature traits.
There were a million other things we talked about, as we were talking nonstop the whole time, until we came down whe we got to McDonalds. Maybe someday I will type it up in (like that's possible) more detail. This would make for a very large text file, I do believe. Hope this wasn't to dry for reading material, maybe you can relate.


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