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dog shit

i was hanging out with my friends at downtown and trying to find some LSD but we couldn't find LSD.

i was hanging out with my friends at downtown and trying to find some LSD but we couldn't find LSD. later, i talked to my friend and he said he has some shrooms.. i said i want to try shroom and buy some shrooms. around 1 to 2 hours, i being tripping and see some beautiful colors. few hours later, my friend said "wanna go swimming?" i said sure then i get some swimming short. and go in the bathroom and take my clothes and shoes off. then i get shoes and look back side of shoe and saw dog shit. i threw it down and look it again. it was gone. then i said "man! i'm tripping!" my friends and i went to pool. i jumped in the pool and saw beautiful colors on jellyfish gonna around me. i got out of pool and said "get the fuck out of pool!" my friend said "what's wrong?" i told them jellyfish is in the pool and my friends laughing at me and said "you are tripping! there's no jellyfish in pool." i decided i shouldn't swim, so, i sat on the chair and look at the sky and saw moon changing colors: blue, green, purple, and pink. later, my friends said let's go to friend's house back. we went to friend's house and i kept on thinking about strange stuff.
then i heard someone calling my name and i went to room. there was noone in room. but it still calling my name in this room. i think someone is hiding in this room and calling my name. i looked everywhere but there is no one. then i heard calling my name from wall and i ran away from room and told my friends that the wall is calling my name. i was freak out. my one friend trying to calm me down and watch me while i'm sleeping.. i asleep and woke up and said "i remember something happening to me. is this bad dream or real?" my friend told me that i was tripping so badly. but i think it was cool then later i tried find some shrooms but i never find it again. it sucks!

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