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Concert shrooming

This was only my second time shrooming and it was a very different exoerience than my first (and looking back, my third).

This was only my second time shrooming and it was a very different exoerience than my first (and looking back, my third). A bunch of guys and I went to go see the Allman Brothers in Virginia. We got there in the afternoon and everyone was tailgating in the parking lot. It looked like a good mix of people of different age, sex and styles. Lots of hippies, college students and "older" people. Anyways, i was thinking it could be a good time, because I'd always like the band and had never seen them. I had no idea it was going to be as cool as it ended up.

I wasn't there more than 20 minutes when we ran into some friends we knew, and one of them come up to us and asks us if we want to shroom. He said he's got an ounce he's selling. We said sure and bought and eighth for two of us. We just hung around and listened to music and talked to a bunch of people. We saw some people with nitrous balloons so we got in line to get some, but right when we were near the front of line, security game and told the guys to shut it down. So we were pretty bummed. I had never done nitrous before so I was getting all worked up and it was such a let down.

So about a half hour before we were going to head in, my bud and I down our shrooms dry. As usual, they were quite palatable to me. We hung out a bit more and I could start feeling the initial effects. As we were walking towards the entrance there was a line for more nitrous. My friend somehow managed to get in front of people and get two baloons. I inhaled deeply and enjoyed the craziest audio distortions ever. Peoples voices were slowing down. It was hilarious. At the same time however, I could almost feel my brain cells dying by the hundreds. As we got in the park, the shrooms were well on their way. We got to the lawn and found a place to sit and just took in all the stimuli. There were so many people around that it was so cool. We had a place that was relatively close to the entrance so a lot of people were walking in our general direction all night (when they got something to drink, eat, or go to the bathrrom). Looking back, I'm glad that was so, because it was a constant flow of entertainment.

The concert was awesome, and I enjoyed dancing throughout it. I felt like my body was so in tune with the music. I normally cannot dance (and have no desire to dance) but this was beckoning me to dance. I probably wasn't dancing very well, but I was a slave to the rhythm and just let it all out without caring what anyone else thought. It was great.

Overall, another wonderful mushroom experience. I remember the prevailing theme was about womanhood. I was constantly surrounded by people, but throughout the night all I could concentrate was on women. But it wasn't a sexual desire or lusting in any way. It was more a deep and profound appreciation for the beauty of diversity among women. Several times throughout the night I saw the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I wanted to just go up to them and tell them this, but a lot of them had boyfriends, and I knew they wouldn't be able to understand how I could mean this without trying to hit on them. As I saw women of all different shapes and sizes, I loved them all.

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