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The Moon

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1st time doing it see... i dont really know how much i took...well like...about 2 degos worth,....and frm wat my friend says...pretty shitty shrooms too... and here i am up at my friends house who live sin the middle of nowhere land, and im with my bf and two old friends whom ive known for a long time. anyways
after i ate them (which i suggest eating them with granola bar, and keeping them under your tounge... you cant taste a thing blive me!!!! ) i began lying down on her trampoline staring at the moon. at first i thought nothing of it..it was just... the mooon. and after a few minutes the moon started getting a haze over and soon just looked kool. now see.. i took em at night which i also STRONGLY suggest to do..or around near dusk bcuz the change of light to dark is totally mind boggling, any who, when it wwnt to dark which now i still have no recolition of how long i was sitting there for, the moon just became utterly hilarious to me. like i would see it. luagh for hours on end.. stop laughing, look back at it, and then continue laffing for god knows how long.. (i dont remember much) but anywho, sources say i went on abuot the moon for like EVER...all of what i remeber frm that till another point is me screaming my head off about where my friend came frm.... and there was something in her shed..after that i remember like. 'waking up' to my boyfriend sitting over top of my with his hands on my eyes saying "ok now just shut your eyes, and it'll feel like your in a differnt world" so i did, and it SO totaly felt like it, i was seeing things like planets and stars. any ways when i opened my eyes, i looked at the moon, but it didnt seem that funny to me, i just held a high respect for it. after that moment, i didnt have any sense of time, a minute felt like an hour. and all i remember was this guy coming out of nowhere, the two new guys tring to wedgie my boyfriend, and my boyfriend complaining to me about him having to go home. like he was going to get in trouble bcuz he lied to his mom about where he was going. also, if your with someone you like or are going out with, their voice i think will trip you out bcuz thats wat my bfs voice was doing, his voice seemed to be changeing everytime he talked to me, and he was there, but wasnt, and it was strange. anyway, we made the trek down to his house, which actully wasnt that far, we weer only walking for 15 mins, but it felt like forever, a good forever. during the trek all i rmember was me listening to frogs, constinally asking what time it was and how long we've been walking for, a dog, a werewolf, and a trol under the bridge. and now, here i am, writing to you fine folk, who will read and laugh, well i say, LAUGH ON bcuz its ME FEELING LIKE IM FLOATING, AND THE BEST FEELING and not YOU

and all i have to say is

(thank you for listening to my story =0)

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