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Zoomed Out

Last Friday (Oct.

Last Friday (Oct. 9) we scored a half and an eighth of shrooms from a friend. We had five people, so we decided to make some tea, see how that worked...

We had been smoking some great bud from another friend, and were already quite high when we drank the tea. About 5-10 minutes after we drank it, I suggested to a friend that we walk down to the supermarket and get some Mac & Cheese. We started walking, and I was pissed, cause it was too dark to see ANYTHING. So I asked if he had a light. It was phat, he had a headlight that he uses for spelunking. I threw that on, and we started walkin again. While we were walkin, my vision went all crazy, because everything inside the light beam was moving, everything outside it had stopped moving. The friend I was walking with stopped all of the sudden, yakked twice, and kept on walking. About half way there, I realized there was no way I was going in the supermarket. So I decided just to get something to drink at a gas station close the the supermarket. By this time I was feeling REAL high. The weed plus the shrooms made it very hard to think/speak/etc. So I grabbed something and mumbled to the clerk when he asked me if that was all. The walk back was uneventful, except that my friend thought a field we passed looked like it was covered in snow. I saw it, but told him he was nuts anyway, and he got all pissed. When we got back, I lost it.

I was lying on the floor staring at the ceiling, and started seeing crazy star fields (His roof is stucco with sparkles in it) The sparkles were all 3d, and looked just like when you go outside and stare up at the sky. The ceiling also started to shift, and move and pulsate and shit. Then I "fell asleep" for the next 4 hours. Or at least that is what everyone there would say. While they sat and smoked mad bongs, I just layed there on the floor with my eyes closed. I heard everything they say (though I couldn't tell you what it was now, probably cause I was high as hell). I felt like I was zoomed out, like I was actually somewhere way back, and I could see them all sitting on the couch and me on the floor, but it wasn't as clear as that. I couldn't actually "SEE" the shit, more like I felt it.

All in all, it was a phat trip, and I can't wait to do it again. I plan to up my dosage next time, and probably grow my own during the summer. I recommend this experience to anyone.

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