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small dose amplified

This is my second trip, a very small dosage but an intense experience nevertheless.

This is my second trip, a very small dosage but an intense experience nevertheless.
It was a beautiful early autumn sunday. I had agreed earlier with my older brother to have an outdoor mushroom trip together some time and this was a perfect day.
He took about 10 grams of fresh shrooms, I took half of that, really a very small dosage (but I'm a small guy), both on empty stomachs.
He started to feel the effects already after 15 minutes, I noticed something 10 minutes later. We went outside, started to walk towards a park. By that time the world seemed unreal, detached, I was floating and colors started to intensify, a familiar sensation from my earlier trip. My brother had never done shrooms but he knew LSD from his hippy days. We were largely in control of ourselves troughout the whole trip.
Once in the park, maybe an hour after ingestion, we were at our peaks. My brother was feeling extremely comfortable physically, an effect I've never noticed. He felt he could jump on a nearby hill in one leap. I reminded him of this later on, when we climbed a fence he had great difficulty with. This was hilarious to me, of course!
Walking on, we saw a lane full of beautiful mushrooms of all kinds. It was like a fairy tale, especially this incredible specimen of Amanita muscaria, you know, the white-dotted red ones.

After a few hours we returned to that hill. Things started to get normal again and I decided to sit down for a while. This is the most interesting part.
I started to relax physically and mentally and entered a kind of meditative state. The grass was incredibly detailed and greener than green. Everything was so clear. Only due to my mental state the intensity of the trip was amplified tremendously. It's all in the mind!

I'm really anticipating my first harvest... if this is only a very small dose, how far can you go??

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