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October 17, 1998.

October 17, 1998. My friend and I had thought about trying shrooms for a while, we smoked a lot of bud, but we weren't really sure if we should try shrooming. After reading numerous trip reports and talking to other people we finally decided we'd give it a shot. We purchased about 3 grams of psilocybe cubenis and blended it into 500ml of Sunny Delight Orange Juice. We weren't sure how bad they would taste but surprisngly it tasted exactly like orange juice and went down without a problem. (I totally recommend this if you dont like taking them whole).

I brought along a copy of Pure Moods, an album with trippy songs like the X-Files theme and some Enigma. We decided to wait until we started tripping to listen to it. We walked to a nearby park and walked around. It was a nature park and reminded us of the movie "What Dreams May Come" it was the perfect place to trip. I had barely had any breakfast so I antcipated it to hit me pretty soon after ingestion. We sat down on a bench overlooking a lake and I waited for the effects. I closed my eyes and soon I was looking into a red cave. I opened my eyes and everything was almost normal, only I had a very mild stoned effect. We walked through bridges and paths, but still my friend hadnt started feeling anything, which kind of threw my trip off because I was not sure if I was tripping or not. We found out we had just walked in a big circle and when i looked around i realized that things didnt appear the same as before. I kept saying "they changed everything around". To my delight I found a pack of cheezies in my pockets which I had brought for later and the package felt really slippery. I wanted to keep touching it even though the cheesies looked like live shrimps. We sat down again at the same spot, and when I closed my eyes everything went pitch black after a few seconds, I started contemplating on what I had done before that day and the days before. Still my friend felt nothing, he was starting to lose hope as it had been 2 hours since we had the shrooms. I was beginning to think that the effects I was experiencing were not really because of the shrooms as we had both had the same amount from the same package, and my friend was feeling just the way he did as when we entered the park.

We left the park after a few hours of walking, and decided to goto 7-11. On the way i could definately feel things being different. Cars seemed to be longer and the roads seem rich in texture. Still I thought it was just me, as my friend was feeling perfect. It all changed when we entered 7-11. The store was the peak of my trip, as packages seemed to vibrate and move. My arm looked really long and when I looked at my friend he was so disproportional I couldnt stop laffing. His head was enormous and his legs were so tiny. He began to feel the effects as I reached my peak. This really boosted my trip level as it gave me added confidence. People seemed to be really funny sizes, really big and small, and my vision was terrible. We decided we needed to go to the mall to enhance our experience.

On the way, the Mars bar I bought looked so small that I could eat it in one bite. I kept squishing it to see what it was made of, and the nougat looked like liquid. Inside the mall was crazy. Life was moving too fast for us and I was beginning to see the devil in people (especially after my friend pointed it out to me.) We wanted to get something to drink and we walked and walked looking around, I began to get so overwhelmed with everything I just sat down, gave my friend some money and told him to get me something to drink, I didnt care what. We decided the mall was too fast paced for us, so we went to another park. It seemed scary to me and it was really getting cold. Soon I could tell I was getting back to normal, as my friend reached his peak! He said he felt the earth below moving and he saw the grass shift. I put on my Pure Moods cd and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was beginning to feel normal but the only thing that kept me going was the music, it sounded so alive.

We went back to the mall and sat in a bookstore. I couldnt read any books but I felt really really comfortable in the chair. The bookcase in front of me revived the effects. It was getting to be 4 hours into the trip. The books seemed to shift back and forth and seemed to pop out. I looked at my friend and laffed as he was staring madly into deep space. As my trip reached its end at 4 hours, my friend was still tripping (and he did for about another hour).

The whole trip was a mass of consfusion and didnt really get any more trippy then weed but it lasted about 3 times as long. We didnt experience any hallucinations but a few tracers. I cant wait till next week, when we trip again, hopefully on 2-3grams.

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