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A couple months ago I got into the shroomery for the 1st time and was introduced (only in theory) to the world of mushrooms.

A couple months ago I got into the shroomery for the 1st time and was introduced (only in theory) to the world of mushrooms. I was amazed at the trip reports and also at how (relatively) easy it is to grow them on your own house. So I ordered a spore syringe from a dutch shop and followed the magic mushrooms growers guide v3.2 to the letter using expanded clay instead of perlite to keep the moisture.I started with 10 jars, 2 of them got contaminated and from the 8 remaining I harvested more than 100 little devils. The only thing I can say is that this guide really works!!! Give it a try and you'll see. Any way, this is supposed to be a trip report so here it goes: Yesterday (3/8/99) it was a really pleasant night here in the city of Campinas - Brazil so I decided to trip. So far the only drugs that I've had were pot and alcohol. So I decided to eat a few small ones, which I had dried and stored inside the freezer. I buried 6 2-inched cubensis into a huge "Big Gordao" sandwich (if you live in Campinas, you can figure the size of the baby :) and gulped everything with a can of pepsi. I know that people always say about fasting before a trip but I didnt bother. By that time it was 8:00 pm and I only started feeling something about 9:30. First my body started to feel heavier and I just laid down and put the nice Siderado Cd by Skank (I was already disappointed at that time, so I didnt even consider anything trippier). Then I turned the TV and watched the reprise of the 1st episode of cow & chicken. By 10:00 I was laughing my ass off and felling this huge tidal wave of energy flowing inside my body. After that I turned the TV off and focused on myself and the music. Then I started seeing little red dots and then the cd rack started sort of move (dance?) to the music. Pretty weird. I concentrated in the walls and then realised that they have tiny little inscriptions (or patterns?) on them which I havent seen before. Then the ceiling started inflating a little and the whole room seemed smaller than usual. The can of pepsi which were a few inches distant from my body actually seemed to be WAY more far than that. I thought I was going to be scared about all that but I just felt peaceful and happy. After that I had no more visuals. I guess the trip took another way and I started to think A LOT, random thoughts were racing through my mind. I couldnt focus in any one of them in particular, although I understood all of them at once. I thought about everything, about things that I often ignore when Im sober. I started to think about how human kind is so ridiculous, because it thinks it can understand the Universe without first understanding itself. The world evolution so far has been only technological. Basic questions such as improving our love, compation and knowledge remain untouched. Instead of that, corruption, evilness and greed are ruling our planet. Now I understand why the people that control the world have decided to ban marijuana and mushrooms. They did that because they know these gifts of nature make people think and realise were being compelled to live in a world of masters and slaves. The "good citizen" is the one that work like zombie, waking up early every day and working hard to make some money and spend it on the stuff they tell us to buy. The slaves (you and me) want to break free but the masters (government, police, media, employers etc) just wont let us. Basically it was more like an inner trip, without all the visuals that people say in their reports. I guess that was because I ate too little mushrooms and with my stomach full of food (which must have slowed down the absortion, I guess). In overall I'd recommend it to anyone. I was pretty scared about mushrooms before I tried them, but now I know they can reward you if you treat them with respect. I also strongly suggest that you grown them on your own. It is a REALLY good experience and you wont be paranoid about your mushrooms being laced with something, or about the taste of shit they have (if you grow them on the rice/vermiculite substract, they'll be almost tasteless because they will not grow on horse/cow dung). The bad part was that I couldnt sleep before 3:00am (I didnt get aggitated or something like that. I just couldnt sleep. Much like an insomnia or something) and I had to work next day, so Im a little tired now. But that was completely my fault. Next time I'll try them on a weekend day or something. Gotta go now. Thanks for reading. Peace you all.

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