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I'd hoped for more

A couple days ago was my first experience w/ shrooms.

A couple days ago was my first experience w/ shrooms.
Actually I tripped off of mycellum (sp?) as I am having an
extremely difficult time getting any actual shrooms to grow, but that's another story. Anyway, at 11:00am I injested two of my fruitless rice cakes using a cranberry juice extraction method I read about on this page.
About 30 minutes later I could feel the trip begining to take efect. It felt like a good buzz from weed, but my legs felt rather rubbery. I sat on the back porch (it was a perfect fall day) and watched the extremely bright yellow leaves being blown off of a larg tree in my back yard and flying through the electric blue sky. I felt good, and couldn't quell several spontaneous outbursts of joyous
laughter, but I still wasn't experiencing any visuals except for the extreme brightness of the colors.
After a while I had to get up to go to the bathroom. (all that cranberry juice) My legs felt rubbery but I felt rather normal otherwise, until I looked down at the bathroom floor. It looked like there was soapy water running from the bathtub across the floor! I nelt down for a closer look and was about to put my hand down when the soapy water turned into swirling paisly patterns that danced around the floor. I watched, interested, for quite some time, then realized that I was on my hands and knees staring at the bathroom floor, which I couldn't remember the last time I cleaned so I got up and went into the hall. The pattern on the walpaper in the hall turned into a bunch of little manylegged buggs that scurried in all directions.
After that I sat in my room for a while staring at the lava lamp and listening to some music that didn't really inspire me, and thinking that the best part was probably over. So I went into the kitchen to make some tea and as I was looking out of the window over the sink, at the shadows from the trees on the glaringly white stucco of the house next door, the shadow of this bunch of leaves started to rotate madly into a complex patern lined with rainbow colors and the formerly white wall started rapidly changing colors. Then the phone rang (scared the piss out of me), and I had to talk to my senile grandmother and try to help her figure out why she had called. It didn't work out to well. After that I watched a movie and had a slow gentle ride down. I never felt bad that evening or the next day, although I was rather buisy. I hope my other jars friut soon, I feel like this is just the beginning.

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