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The Meaning of Life?

It's been a while since I've tripped on shrooms.

It's been a while since I've tripped on shrooms... Today (March 31st), at about 4:30, I broke up about 1.5 grams of shrooms. I don't know what kind they were, but it's the ones we usually get back home. They had blue streaks in them. Anyway, I cut them up with scissors and put the whole thing in a glass of strawberry-kiwi kool-aid. I was a pain to swallow, shrooms always make me gag. I also took 2 500mg Vit C pills. I don't know if it'll help at all but since these were pretty old, I hoped they would help. I haven't eaten anything all day... so they should set in soon....


I'm wirting while tripping, maybe not the best way to get this across, but still, it's the thought that counts... Anyhow, I'm starting to feel kinda funny right about now... yeah, shrooms are a nice natural trip in contrast to acid and such.... however, I do get that same 'taste' in my mouth... why? I always get this odd taste in my mouth. I've also noticed that when you trip - on anything - it makes a difference if you're in the mood for it or not... how you feel... I find that the spur of the moment trips like the one I'm on now wich is making me type in long phrases without any periods all the whil laughing.... hmm. I think I'm thinking more than I'm typing.... anyway, if you feel uncomfortable in the least, the whole thing is a lot more fun. I'm glad I kept these for another time rather than eatig them right away...

Man!! I feel fantastic. I've got to experiment with higher doses at one point... try to get 'to the other side' and make it back in one piece.

Music is great... I like playing music, but listening is great too! improvisasional stuff like phish is awesom!

this is a rather interesting feeling... I have headphones on, and forgot to turn the speakers off (computer you know... by the way I live in res, so that might make your understanding better even though it has no relevance) anyway, it makes a real weird 3D type -- whoa... this is nice.

what's a trip report supposed to be anyway? a description of the events or the silly ramblings (not often silly at all though) or thoughts that you get right now? damn.. incoherent again. I'm bad at eplaining myself so this dosen't help...

definately time for a nice joint... too bad I have to outside though... catch ya'll later!


Shoot... I'm still pretty confused though. Felt like I knew the meaning of life... I'll just sleep it off! I'm tired and I'm tired of the math!! shit everything works out like math. and it makes sens too! anyway, It was a great great trip! The bowl I smoked was great and helped me relax... darnit... the math makes it all work out. anyway, I hope I sleep it off!!


phew! I'm glad that over...man, I kept finding the meaning of life, and then forgeting it... on thing I remembered was that there's NO meaning of life because it's always changing... like, we are an event. 'I' am a moment... 'I' am the culmination of all the events before me and all the events that ensue... kinda hard to explain, it's in 4D. I kept seeing graphs of everything being a big loop that led to where it started... ? ... we ask questions... to find the meaning of life, to give us meaning. we're always looking for answers, but we can't find any because the fact that we're looking changes the outcome... I also came up with this: Memories are to the past what intuition is to the futur. memories is what we remember of the past and intuition is what we remember of the futur. my philosophy is let things happen. Don't try to change the past or the futur... it happens and if you accept it it'll come a lot more easily.. this is hard to explain, it's a feeling you know. can't put it into words, in fact the way I put is sounds wrong, but still, I'm trying my best. anyway, this is getting long. in parting, be careful with drugs. I am slowly learning my lesson the hard way... they're a nice way to get some insight, but don't abuse and be careful since they still are technically 'illegal'. and always follow your instinct. at least, that's how I'm happy, and if it can help you, well good. yeah, i'm happy I came down!!

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