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Good Fun

I had finally grew some shrooms and just couldn't wait to give them a test run.

I had finally grew some shrooms and just couldn't wait to give them a test run. I had tried them before, but it didn't really do anything. I had only 3 P.cubensis of good size just freshly picked that day. With only 3 I didn't know if it would really do much. But I stocked up on vitamin C and went off to my friends house whos parents where away. I proceeded to eat them not minding the taste that much. It followed by lots of OJ and 2 chewable vitamin C tablets. Then I just sat and waited.......

About 35mins after I ate them my other friend had to drive his girlfriend home so I went along to see the sights.
I wasn't feeling much just my body felt a little heavy. After we dropped her off I got in the front seat and we went to burger king to get food. As we pulled up to the drivethru it hit me. I was staring at a streetlight while my friend ordered food. The light was out but suddly came on! it scared the sh*t out of me and I nearly jumped in my friends lap. After that he could tell I was tripping so my friend drove me places to see stuff. We where driving around
and I saw alittle gnome squating behind a car and he was glow in the dark! We went back to my other friends house. when we got there My little drivin pal anounced to all the people there that I was trippin balls. They all got evil grins on their faces as they tried to bug me out. But it didnt bother me they stopped when I lost interest in them. I went down stairs to my friends bedroom and sat on the floor which seemed overly soft. They had a lava lamp on. I stared at it for what seemed hours. The lava bubbles look like growing shrooms. It was great!

Next everybody left wanted to go to the supermarket
The 4 of us got in a car and proceded to the store for food. I was almost at peak at this time it had been about 2 hours.
We got there and I could barely get out of the car the ground was moving. It seemed I was 2 ft tall and the groud was moving. I finally got inside and we met up with a friend selling good hydro bud. I was fine but my buds wanted some fun also. They got some food, soda, and pot. so we went home they proceded to smoke as I watched the walls move in my friends kitchen. They asked if i wanted some, so I had only like 2 hits. That 2 hits made my peak last for another 4+ hours. After that i went back to the bed room and watched things breathed and warp. Red lines where coming off the ceiling and into my arm.

About 2 hours of all this every body else fell asleep. I stayed awake watching things change color and move. Also my body was numb. At about 2:00 in the morning I finally fell asleep. The next morning I felt great.It was a good first trip not to much in the visuals as I would have liked. But there is always next time and by the looks of my terrarium it looks like it will be soon:)

Happy trips to all

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