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Amsterdam Lights

Amsterdam, October 1998, day number four of the vacation.

Amsterdam, October 1998, day number four of the vacation. I am 32, with my friend in his 40's. He and I had some business to attend to, and decided to take a trip within our "Trip". Anyway, for those who don't know, Amsterdam does have "Smart Shops", which handle all types of "Hallucinagenic" soft drugs. These shops are entirely legal there, with a pretty good guarantee that what you buy, will be good.

The shrooms are sold in 4 catagories, with the 1st catagory for low level trips, and the 4th catagory high level trips. Each catagory comes complete with an explanation of "What to Expect", including trip time and relative "Emotions" to expect. This was my first trip, but since I have a high pot tolerance, we figured lets go with the 2nd catagory (He has tripped before).. The explanation sheet promised to be a "Laughy" trip, with bright lights, sharper sounds, and mild halucinations, lasting between 5 and 6 hours.

Since it was early evening, we were both starving, and decided on Chinese food. After placing our orders, and finishing off our first drinks (Pepsi), we each took one of the 2-small brown paper "Candy" bags, both with pre-measured (2 grams each) doses, and chowed them down. Since the shrooms were dried, they didn't taste all that bad. On the other hand, the stems did stick in between my teeth at first. Since he had tripped many times before, my friend expected the effects to start in about an hour.

The food came about 20 minutes after our "Shroom Orderves". Spicy shrimp, mmmmmm good! We each started into our meals, when he looked up and said "Hey, I think it's starting!" He sounded as if in diss-beliefe, because of the short time since injestion. With that, he got up and headed for the bathroom. While he was gone, my own trip started to kick in. The lights started to seem "Brighter", like in short bright spurts. It didn't take me long to realize that there was NO way we were going to finish our food. So, with that, I had the waiter box it up for us.
My friend returned from the bathroom. With one glance, we both knew each other was starting the trip. We paid our bill, grabbed the "Doggy Boxes", and headed for the hotel.

Most people walk in Amsterdam. So we started walking back to the hotel (LeidSplein Area). By now, over 45 minutes had passed since injestion, and I was definately feelling more intese. The entire sky seemed to brighten up, even though it was dark out. All artificial lights seemed to be "Warm" and "Beaming" . The NEON lights, seemed to take on shapes of their own, with straight neon peices looking like they were on an "Infinit" line. The voices of the people walking past us, seemed to be "Jarbled Up". Even though I didn't understand the Dutch language, the words still seem to be "Off".

We made it back to the hotel, and I went straight for my bed. On my back, i focused on the 16 foot ceiling. It seemed like a cathedral to me. In the center of the ceiling was a simple, round light. The wall paper was of vertical lines, all the way from floor to ceiling. Since injesting the shrooms, i would periodically analyze how i felt. By now, we were well into the trip, and I was physically feelling fine. No upset stomach, no fear of what may follow. Simply enjoying the scene within the room.

My friend, on the other hand, was kind of concerned. He said "If we are tripping like this already, we've got another 3-4 hours to go!!! I was concerned, but did not think about it to much. I just sat back and watched as the vertical wall paper lines flowed too and frow. I could understand what my friend was saying when he talked, but it was like his words did not fit right, not making sense together. After a good 30 minutes of this, we both started
laughing for no reason. The hotel room was interesting, but we both decided to head out back into the world.

The walk back to where the action and lights were (LeidSplein), proved to be entertaining. The brisk air seemed to wake me up a bit. Not that I was tired, just felt more alive. I can remember being very concerned with the trafic, including the "Tracked Trollies" and bicycles speeding by. Yet, it was as though I was part of a system, and just went with the flow. Occassionally, I would have a person in my direct path to deal with. Each time I looked up at someone, I would crack a "Shit Eating" grin, and start giggling. My friend was having the same experience.

Our final destination was the main "Bull-Dog" coffee shop. We grabbed a table outside, right up front, and sank down on the "Cold" steal seats. From that point on, we just sat and watched the world go by. The atmosphere was fantastic. Of course it didn't hurt to have all those Dutch girls walking by. Even off shrooms, the vote is in that Amsterdam has the Hottest looking women in the world!!!
I did notice that both of us had NO appetite what so ever.
We barely touched our Chinese food, and were still basically running on empty stumachs. My friend did not loose his taste for beer, and was able to chug down quite a few, without feelling drunk. I stuck to drinking coffee, and had no desire for a beer. Within the 3 hour mark, I did end up twisting up a "Bob Marley" size joint, with White Widow bud. I was able to catch a high, but still felt the trip. As the trip headed down, i found i smoked more pot. And, well, I did have a few strips of Afgani Hash to go along with the buds.

Slowly, the trip seemed to start to trail off. It was comming and going in sessions. As the shrooms wore off, I found myself feelling straight, but still would get stuck on looking at a straight neon light off and on.

The moral of this story is ... to feel the effects of your shroom trip quicker, eat them on an empty stomach. We validated this theory with next trip a few days later. That time we ate them well after dinner. The effects seem to take much longer, and were not as intense.

Our final trip was a few weeks later. Yes, I was able to bring some home! Once again, we ate them on an empty stomach. This time, we had the 3rd catagory type. Talk about halucinations!! That's another trip.....

If it's your first time, do it with an experienced user, and someone you can trust to not let you wander off. Not that you will wonder off, but just in case!! And always eat some for me....The Amsterdam Connection.

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