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having a seizure

this was the first time i had ever done shrooms.

this was the first time i had ever done shrooms. i had always wanted to try them but they are only available sometimes in my area. at the time, my friend in a different town had bought a hole shitload of them and he had a mushroom party. my parents had gone away for the weekend and i was having a little get together of my own. a couple of friends of mine made a quick run to my friends house to buy some shrooms.

anyways, when they got back to my house, we gobbled the mushrooms. we had about 2 grams each. we had been smoking weed all night. we were all sitting at the table tripping out. we were all making weird faces and laughing about it. one of my friends got up and went out on my deck to get some air cause he wasnt feeling too good. i dont know what the fuck happened to him but on his way back in he said he felt sick. he took one step and fell to his knees. he toppled over and knocked his head on a cabinet. he fell on his back, his eyes rolled back into his head, his arms stuck up into the air above him and he started twitching. he did this for about a minute. all the while we were all freaking out and a couple of my friends were trying to leave. me and my friend picked him up and dragged him outside. we made a bed for him and flopped him on the deck. all the rest of the night i was freaking out , expecting to wake up the next morning and find his dead body lying on my deck. this might not sound too scary, but it was the scariest shit i have ever seen.

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