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It Went Vroom

My boyfriend and I just started growing psylocybes and we had our first harvest on Nov.

My boyfriend and I just started growing psylocybes and we had our first harvest on Nov. 22/98. They matured alot quicker than expected so we didn't have the right chemicals to dry them out yet, we decided to air dry them, we only had three that were mature enough to pick. We decided to eat them fresh, this was my first time trying mushrooms so I didn't really know what to expect except from what I have read. I ate the big mushroom, which tasted almost like regular mushrooms, not bad at all, and my boyfriend ate the two smaller ones, it added up to the same. We ate them at about 10:00 p.m. and at 12:00a.m. I started to get a little worried because I wasn't feelling anything, but my boyfriend told me that was ok after all, all I ate was one mushroom. We went to bed and I started to feel a little foggy but I just thought it was because I was tired, I was so comfortable in the bed, when I laid down It was like I became the pillow, very nice. The first thing I feft when I knew I was actually tripping was It felt like my throat was going to fall out,this was about 1:00 a.m., a very weird feeling not scary at all, I knew what was happening. The funniest thing about my trip was that evertime I tried to think I had a car in my head going "vroom" not like a normal car but a car at a speedway a very high pitched sound that kept going vroom vroom everytime I tried to think, every second vroom, very distracting. The next thing I knew I couldn't keep myself, hard to explain, the best way is losing all thought, everytime this happened I would shake my head and bring myself around a little bit, I was sort of fighting it, bad thing to do. The next thing that happened scared me alot, all at once I could see myself but It wasn't all of me, It was my head, cut off and on a pole, normally I would have laughed at something like that but It was so real, like looking in a mirror, and then I saw a man, just a black figure actually but it scared me too. The next thing seemed so logical to me at the time it is funny. I was scared so I told myself "That was really scary, role over and hold Scott he will protect you, then it will be alright" I said this to myself in my head just like there were two of me. I must of fallen asleep right away because the next thing I remember it is 4:00a.m. in the morning and my daughter is waking my up wanting a drink. I still felt a little foggy in my head and had a few pains in my stomach, but other than that everything was over. I enjoyed my trip and I will do it again (more next time) the only thing I hated is that it took too long to hit me.

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