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almost great

Having obtained an 1/8th of dried cubensis I consumed the 4 smallest mushrooms in the baggie.

Having obtained an 1/8th of dried cubensis I consumed the 4 smallest mushrooms in the baggie. This was my frist time with shrooms, I have had experience in the past with LSD, DXM, pot, etc. They didn't taste nearly as bad as I expected. I just chewed them up and washed them down with some water. I ate them in parts, first a cap, then a stem, then another stem, then another cap, until I had eaten 4. I didn't want to take too much for the first time since I didn't know how potent exactly these mushrooms were, according to the person who gave them to me as a gift they were rather potent. I was the only person consuming the mushroom in a college dorm environment, no one else knew I was taking them.

I ate them at about 8:30pm, at about 8:50 I began to notice the first effects. Primarily just feeling really good, not euphoric yet, but just like everything is cool and life is good and my body feels great. I also noticed some minor visuals, nothing that really stuck out like my first acid trip when suddenly my wall got an incredible moving pattern and things began to fly out of it but rather just colors seemed to sort of swirl. It's now 9:00pm as I write this and the effect have not really increased, I wonder if perhaps I should eat some more... I guess not... it takes a good 30-60 minutes for them to come on supposedly. Although my stomach is pretty much empty and drugs normally come on very quickly for me. Acid usually takes 10-15 minutes for me to feel it. DXM as few as 5. Looking at walls I still do not see any pattern, but I am noticing the occasional shooting star in my periphreal vision, they are not very vivid.

9:30, still have not started to actually trip, just feel good, no real visuals. I just ate another shroom in the hopes that it will send me over the edge and start the trip. It was pretty good sized too.

10:00pm, defintly still not tripping exactly. But things are progressing a little bit, I can just barely make out a pattern in my walls, it's very similar to the LSD pattern I normally see. It's kinda hard to see though. I feel weird body feelings, nothing major, just a little off balance. Hopefully it's all gonna hit me at once here soon or something, otherwise I think this trip is gonna of just been a waste.

It's now almost 11:00pm. At 10:30 I decided to finish off the bag of shrooms. I am defintly tripping a little bit right now. The carpet is pulsing and swirling somewhat. Music sounds really great, I'm groovin' on some Les Zepellin. Things seem much more vivid and brighter than normal. Like I can see every little detail in my wall or in a towel. Nothing mind bending yet like with acid, just feeling mellow, getting some very minor (by my standerds anyways) visuals. 11:15 and the visuals seem to have gone away. I defintly don't feel normal, but I'm not exactly tripping either. I tried thinking about life and important issues and such in the hopes that it would spark something, on acid nearly every thought is profound and deep and of some importance, even after I've come down my mind is still working on a higher level until I've had some sleep and a good day to recooperate. None of that is really going on. The music sounds great, much richer and fuller. Perhaps I just need a little more time for the mushrooms to digest or something... I'm still optimistic! In the past 4 minutes things have progressed greatly. I defintly feel things getting intense now. The walls have turned somewhat purple, actually everything looks a little bit purple right now. I'm gonna go enjoy this as it comes on....

11:30, spent the past few minutes grooving out on Led Zepellin, defintly tripping now, just not with the intensity I am used to, perhaps it'll get better, I still feel things coming on. I'm gonna go enjoy the trip and maybe go on an adventure outside.

It's about 12:10 now, I've spent the past 40 minutes just enjoying things, listening to music, watching some TV. Loveline on MTV can teach you so much, it's incredible. Not too much going on as far as visuals are concerned. I get breathing effects out of wood and swirling in the carpet. The trip has been good so far, I would of liked something more intense, but oh well. It's been a really mellow peaceful trip, I think I prefer mushrooms to acid, from what I've experienced of shrooms so far anyways. I'll be doing probably another 8th of fresher stuff this weekend, hopefully it'll be more intense.

Notes from a few days later:

The next night I took 2 hits of windowpane acid and tripped for over 18 hours. The day after this trip I was still not right in the head. Compared to the mushroom trip the acid trip the day after was about 1000x stronger. I had never tripped so hard in my life. I gave my last hit of windowpane to a girl who had never tripped before and spent all night with her, finally watching the sun rise together and then going to bed. I would very much like to do mushrooms again, I just hope they have more of the intensity I find with acid. Next weekend me and the girl I tripped on acid with will probably share an 1/8 of fresh shrooms, I'll post a trip report if anything noteworthy happens. I still believe that I would prefer shrooms to acid, they seem much more mellow and peaceful. I find acid to be a little too mindbending. Happy Tripping!

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