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The Fellow Shroomers

this was the first trip me and 2 other fellow shroomers did.

this was the first trip me and 2 other fellow shroomers did. It was a total hit. We ate the shrooms on pizza and I could not taste them at all. I took about 45 minuets later to actually feel them hit. The first few minuets of the trip was a little scary. Then it was fun. I could see faces in lights, and every thing was very "shroomy". We sat on the back of my truck and watched the lights in my school parking lot. We looked at a train light- red and blinking. Every time it would blink I could see faces come clearer and clearer, It was almost like the devil, but not to scary. Black light pictures were the most fucking totally outrages muther fucking thing ever. We are not "drugies but I would recomend them to anyone. It was a blast, our trip lasted about 4 and a half hours. At least try it once, or twice. haha

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