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Be Careful

This is one about me and my friend Nathan and my friend Manuel.

This is one about me and my friend Nathan and my friend Manuel. It isn't a story about what I saw or what vast understanding I have now, just another story. I had to work early bird one night at Whataburger and my parents were out of town for the week. I told Nathan and Manuel to have some fun stuff to do when I got home and they got a bunch of shrooms, freshly picked. I got home and we started chompin'. Manuel had gotten them the morning before with his g-friend and he had been poppin' caps all day long. God only knows how much he had but he was trippin' nutz! We were hangin' out and fryin' balls and we decided to watch a movie. Manuel went upstairs and me and Nathan went to get a drink. We came upstairs and Munuel was in the bathroom with the door shut. We just sat down and started the movie. About ten minutes later, Nathan syas "do you think he's sick or something?" I said we should check and we stumbled into the bathroom to find him hunched over the bath and making a horrid sound from his lungs. There was no puke around and he wasn't dry-heaving. He had overdosed. His eyes were open, but I know he was unconsious. I moved his head to look at me and his eyes rolled back into his skull and his head lulled over. I freaked the hell out. I looked at Nathan and shouted "What do we do?!?!" he looked at me and said "I dunno!!!!!"
"Should we call a hospital?"
"I dunno, I don't wanna get busted!"
"Me neither, but I don't want Munuel to die!!!"
"Me neither!!!"
and so it went until I decided to call his girlfriend. I was about to dial the numbler, when Manuel snapped out of it. He wobbled to his feet, said "That really sucked" and fell down on my couch where he laid for several hours, wide awake but trying to sleep. It was really scary. I never knew you could O.D. on shrooms, but I guess you can. It really made me think about how much drugs I've been taking. To anyone out there that is tripping for the first time, let me give you advice. Psychadelics are unlike any other drug ever. It truly is a mind-expanding drug. It has changed my perception on so many different things. Be ready to take psychadelics. Do it because you want to, not because you're gonna impress someone. Don't let anyone force you into it, because it's the bad way to go. Watch how often you do it. I've heard if you've ever taked seven hits of LSD in your life than you're insane. I'm a Goddamn nut. I am tripping when I wake up in the mornings, I am tripping when I go to bed. My mind goes off on crazy tangents all day long. My back is screwed up, my neck constantly needs to be cracked and when I do, I feel trippy. I find it hard to keep my sober mind in reality. I've done too much acid and shrooms in my life. I don't think anyone should abuse this drug as much as I have. It's fun, but watch yourself. I feel that having an open mind and experimenting with drugs is a great thing, but be careful.

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